Axios Systems Revolutionizes IT Service Management with Assyst10

Brings social IT management to the forefront of the enterprise.

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Axios Systems has released assyst10, its enterprise ITSM solution that enables better, faster, and less costly delivery and support of IT services. Developed for both SaaS and on-premise deployments, assyst10 is regularly updated to support the most current ITIL best practices and brings to bear the latest in social IT management, multi-lingual capabilities, mobility, and reporting -- offering solutions and templates that improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Assyst10, a customer-focused software solution, enables the delivery and support of comprehensive IT services to help enterprises deploy, manage and support IT services in a single, customizable package.

As social media becomes more engrained into the everyday life of the consumer, it is also becoming more pervasive within the enterprise as a means to capture pertinent data that aligns IT services to business outcomes. Assyst10 creates an IT services environment that integrates social technologies with the foundational ITSM capabilities desired by companies worldwide.

New features in assyst10 include:

Social IT Management:

  • IT-to-IT collaboration helps solve complex issues, rapidly reducing support time and cost as well as increasing the uptime and availability of critical business services. The result is increased end-user satisfaction, business productivity, and an overall more positive perception of IT.

  • Peer-to-peer support enables an individual to handle multiple issues and/or requests at once and provides instant support, increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Crowdsourced community support reduces the cost of support by avoiding phone calls and e-mail messages, allowing users to maximize their usage of key business applications and, in turn, increase their productivity.

  • IT can monitor support conversations, demonstrating that IT cares.


  • The mobile service catalog/IT app store allows business users to interact with IT and request services at any time.

  • Assyst10 Configuration Management Database (CMDB) natively supports bring-your-own-device (BYOD) compliance initiatives by proactively monitoring mobile device software configurations, compliance reports, and process automation.

Info Zone:

  • Actionable Intelligence helps IT gain information from ITIL process areas directly from the login screen, allowing agents to do more at the first line, saving the cost of expensive second- or third-line resources.

  • The single-screen view increases response time and customer satisfaction by presenting all required information on one screen.

Service Designer:

  • The intuitive interface guides users through service definition, resulting in rapid adoption.

  • With the service hierarchy, users can build a hierarchy of services and offerings to aid service visibility and control.

  • Users can work with a library of pre-defined templates and workflows to ensure rapid deployment.

  • IT service and business alignment creates productivity gains and mitigates revenue loss.

Reporting Wizards:

  • An intuitive graphical wizard allows non-technical users to create powerful business intelligence and analytics to drive decision support. Tying into ERP, CRM, and other data sources, the wizards provide a holistic view of how IT impacts the business and reduces lead time, creating actionable intelligence while reducing resource bandwidth issues often tied to reporting.

  • Unlike existing ITSM tools, the underlying templates in assyst10 are completely configurable and customizable, enabling a more personalized look and feel to customer interactions.

Multi-Lingual Support:

  • Assyst10 instantly translates the system data so that upon logging in, global organizations can view tickets in any language preference, regardless of originating language.

  • Assyst10 supports multiple languages out-of-the-box.

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