RES HyperDrive Helps IT Deliver Anywhere Data Access to Mobile Users

RES HyperDrive addresses expanding it security requirements, provides mobile workers with easy, fast, and secure access to data from any device.

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RES Software has begun licensing RES HyperDrive for use within customer data centers or private clouds. RES HyperDrive, which delivers “follow-me data” and file-sharing with the same enterprise-class security of on-premises technology works in tandem with RES Automation Manager to make deployment and management of the solution simple for IT.

Available on any device, anywhere, RES HyperDrive empowers IT organizations to better serve an increasingly mobile, next-generation workforce that demands convenient access to data from personal devices, applications, and cloud-based services. At the same time, it meets the stringent standards of IT professionals and executives by providing an on-premises solution for an organization’s private cloud or own data center that keeps data access secure, with true cross-platform portability.

“RES HyperDrive makes it easier to access data from anywhere, regardless of the device being used, and in a secure manner. Until now IT executives have been limited to allowing users to adopt consumer services or enforcing less flexible on-premises solutions within their data center. The combination of security and simplicity makes RES HyperDrive a welcome addition to the RES Software product portfolio,” said Bob Janssen, CTO and co-founder of RES Software.

“Many IT departments may not even be aware of where sensitive corporate data is being stored. We urge them to take advantage of RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer, which provides an assessment and reports on the amount and type of data currently being stored outside of the organization by users on the leading consumer file-sharing service.”

RES HyperDrive leverages the security of enterprise on-premises infrastructure but is easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook accessed through Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, or a Web browser. A simple application interface connects users to their Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices, so sharing data across the organization and with selected business partners becomes an easy, inexpensive reality.RES HyperDrive also features remote wipe capability to ensure that IT retains the ultimate control of business data – even on remote devices.

RES HyperDrive is available as a pre-paid, annual subscription that can be purchased immediately or a monthly, pay-as-you-go subscription available later this year. The annual subscription is monthly for $5 per user per month, or $54 per user per year (a 10% savings over the monthly price).

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