DSI’s New Virtual Tape Library Suite Reduces Backup Administrative Time, Cost

New line of DSI300 virtual tape appliances provides fast, reliable data backup and recovery with reduced complexity, lower maintenance costs of traditional tape backup systems

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Dynamic Solutions International, LLC (DSI) has released a new suite of virtual tape appliances designed for extreme reliability, performance, and automation of data storage. The family of DSI300 virtual tape solutions helps enterprises protect and prepare critical enterprise data.

DSI’s virtual tape appliances provide high-performance backups and compliance assurance at a fraction of the cost of traditional tape solutions and with less time and maintenance required than traditional tape systems. The suite of DSI virtual tape library solutions range from entry-level (DSI300-VV8) and mid-range (DSI300-M16) to the robust (DSI300-EV0) appliance built for customers with extensive capacity needs.

DSI300-EV0 has the largest storage and is designed for enterprises that need to efficiently retrieve and restore data options and need to meet legal data storage quotas. Each solution adapts to customers’ existing IT environment and reduces costs by shrinking the need for physical tape. The solution features increased flexibility to expand storage capacity and enhanced security features.

The suite of DSI300 solutions allows businesses of any size to be more efficient, secure and, competitive while lowering costs. The new DSI solution set uses FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL) as the VTL appliance engine.

Today’s enterprise data centers manage large heterogeneous environments, often with hundreds of servers running various operating systems and applications, driving petabytes of data. The DSI300 VTL family reduces the burden placed on crucial backup and recovery operations, streamlining the complexity and improving time to access data.

In the mainframe computing environment, having an integrated, end-to-end solution brings many benefits to customers. DSI offers its own host-based software for tape management and library management across an enterprise in select mainframe environments. The DSI VTL is also integrated with Formula Consultants Inc’s (FCI) STAR-1100 tape management, and FCI’s STAR Library Manager offering and B&L Associates MCP software offerings. Additionally, the DSI9000 family can support high-availability pairs with failover capability for highly demanding enterprises, or a single appliance for the most modest needs.

More information is available at www.dynamicsolutions.com.

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