CenterBeam Launches Mobile Device Management Service

Enables management of smartphones, tablets in integrated endpoint management solution.

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CenterBeam Inc., a specialist in hosted IT services, has released its new Mobile Device Management Service, a cloud-based solution that provides enterprises with greater control over the growing number of smartphones and tablets being used by their employees. With CenterBeam’s Mobile Device Management Service, users can manage iPhones, iPads, and Android-based smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops, PCs, servers, and other endpoints, from a single platform.

“The trend of employees bringing their own smartphones and tablets into the enterprise is just beginning and it will be a growing challenge for IT staff, which will be responsible for supporting and ensuring that these consumer-owned mobile devices adhere to corporate policies,” said Shahin Pirooz, CSO and CTO at CenterBeam.

In terms of IT management, CenterBeam believes the new mobile devices should be treated the same as other endpoints. Its single platform lets enterprises monitor, manage, and secure every type of endpoint while enabling employees to use corporate applications the same way across all devices.

An extension of CenterBeam’s unified endpoint management solution, the Mobile Device Management Service is based on the IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices, which is built on BigFix technology. With this service, enterprises can support a wide variety of platforms, including Apple iOS, Google Android, Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone, and Windows Mobile.

Capabilities of the Mobile Device Management Service include:

  • Management Actions: Selective or full wipe of any device if the employee leaves the company or the device is stolen. Other features include denial of e-mail access, remote lock and user notification.

  • Application management: Take an application inventory on the devices, whitelist or blacklist certain applications, or offer an enterprise app store where employees can download pre-approved applications.

  • Policy and security management: Set password policies, encrypt devices, and offer jailbreak and root detection.

  • Enterprise access management: Configure e-mail, VPN access, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Available now, the CenterBeam Mobile Device Management Service reduces the need to purchase and maintain hardware. The cloud-based content delivery model enables enterprises to rapidly update their system with no need for costly software upgrades or time-consuming installation.

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