Unisys Combines Cloud Security, Management with Updated Secure Private Cloud Solution

Integration of Unisys Stealth cybersecurity software with Secure Private Cloud makes multi-tenancy more efficient and safer by compartmentalizing user communities in the cloud.

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Unisys Corporation is now shipping release 2.2 of the Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution. The new release strengthens the solution’s automated cloud management capabilities with a stronger level of protection to help clients address a persistent concern: how to secure critical business information in a cloud environment.

The new release of Unisys Secure Private Cloud integrates a virtualized version of Unisys Stealth Solution for Network cybersecurity software to automate and simplify implementation of security while provisioning virtual resources in the cloud. This capability enables automated creation of an integrated security infrastructure for each virtual machine provisioned through the Secure Private Cloud Solution.

”Clients say they want three things from cloud computing: simplified operations, lower usage costs and uncompromising security,” said Rod Sapp, vice president, data center transformation and outsourcing products and technology, Unisys. “With Secure Private Cloud release 2.2, we’re providing a solution that delivers those attributes out of the box. Clients can reduce cloud provisioning significantly and realize operational and cost-avoidance savings, with confidence that vital information assets are protected.”

In addition to enhanced security, Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution release 2.2 delivers a key benefit of multi-tenancy in the cloud: the capability to increase the number of communities sharing the same cloud, leading to increased efficiency in infrastructure utilization and improved economies of scale.

Unisys Secure Private Cloud interoperates with clients’ existing cloud and network infrastructure, simplifying operations and helping reduce associated costs. Clients can deploy the Secure Private Cloud Solution as a special-purpose cloud or integrate it into a hybrid enterprise environment where they benefit from leveraging their long-term investments in mission-critical IT resources.

Enhanced Secure Solution Can Benefit Enterprises and Cloud Service Providers

The enhanced security capability of Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution release 2.2 makes applications and data that have been deployed to user-provisioned virtual machines invisible on the network. It also protects those assets from compromise by unauthorized external or internal sources.

Groups of related users associated with specific virtual machines -- called communities of interest -- can share the same cloud, with one group’s information protected from unauthorized use by members of another. Individuals with appropriate roles can be members of more than one community and, with appropriate permissions, can view the information used by multiple communities.

For example, the wealth management operation within a bank needs to protect sensitive data and workloads relevant to high-worth clients. Using Unisys Secure Private Cloud release 2.2, users can provision the security capability for the virtual machines associated with a community of interest such as investment or customer account management. The workloads deployed to those virtual machines and the communities of interest are invisible to other banking user communities using the cloud, such as development and test and marketing.

Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution release 2.2 can also benefit cloud service providers that offer shared cloud infrastructures hosting applications and data from multiple companies. Some of those companies could be rivals for whom the IT assets in the cloud provide competitive differentiation. Those public cloud users can now realize the economic benefits of cloud computing with confidence that their intellectual property is protected. In turn, the cloud service providers managing their infrastructures with Unisys Secure Private Cloud release 2.2 can position themselves to capture more business and improve their market position.

Vblock Readiness, Management, Cost Tracking and Services Enhance Solution’s Value

The Secure Private Cloud Solution has been certified as “Vblock Ready” and is available for VCE Vblock Systems, which integrate Cisco networking and servers, EMC storage, and VMware cloud infrastructure technologies into a single intelligent converged infrastructure system.

The Secure Private Cloud solution includes a dashboard capability that gives administrators a single, integrated point of management for all cloud resources. The solution’s Usage Monitoring and Chargeback capability tracks and reports on use of both physical and virtual cloud resources and allocates the charge back to the relevant business group.

Unisys also offers comprehensive advisory services, along with planning, design, and implementation services that can benefit clients seeking a cloud solution. Organizations can also tap Unisys Enterprise Systems Management services to monitor and correlate events across all segments of the managed infrastructure, orchestrating pre-emptive and remedial action against potential IT faults.

More information is available at www.unisys.com.

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