Bitdefender Delivers Security-as-a-Service for AWS Marketplace

Security for virtualized environments offered as security-as-a-service with flexible licensing.

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Bitdefender, a provider of security solutions, has released Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) as a security-as-a-service on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace. For customers seeking a flexible licensing model, the new service allows organizations to choose security licensing based on administrative and financial requirements -- on-demand per hour utility based monthly subscription.

“Many organizations must deal with rigid licensing models that seldom allow horizontal scalability and policy changes based on the needs of the business,” said Robert Krauss, Director Enterprise Sales and Alliances, North America, Bitdefender. “Security for Virtualized Environments offered as security-as-a-service (SaaS) on AWS Marketplace was developed to extend the benefits of the cloud -- giving organizations security how they want it and when they need it. With our licensing model, organizations have uncomplicated and adaptable security solutions, in terms of administration and scalability, and like a utility, businesses pay for it as they need it.”

SVE provides integrated, intuitive management and automated deployment for organizations seeking enterprise-level security with horizontal scalability. Based on gravity architecture, SVE’s service gives customers centralized management and comprehensive visibility, making day-to-day administration of security solutions easier. SVE also provides simple deployment of the silent agent either with AWS tags or in the AMI, saving significant time, management, and administration costs.

Utilizing SVE’s Security-as-a-Service provides better virtual machine instance performance compared to traditional antimalware in the cloud. Considerable performance gains are achieved by offloading much of the antimalware functionality from each virtual machine instance to the SVE Security-as-a-Service. This is accomplished through patent-pending optimization technologies from Bitdefender that streamline the antimalware processes and reduce resource utilization on each virtual machine instance.

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