BlueStripe Transaction Monitor Tracks Individual Transactions without Code Changes, APIs, or Network Appliances

FactFinder v7 with TransactionLink technology ties together transactions, applications, and the infrastructure automatically.

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BlueStripe Software has released FactFinder v7, a transaction performance and availability monitoring solution that traces individual transactions end-to-end across enterprise application systems without the need to add or write any new application code. The latest version of BlueStripe’s application and transaction monitoring product includes TransactionLink technology that automatically follows every transaction wherever it goes across the infrastructure.

FactFinder tracks transactions across Web tiers, application servers, middleware, databases, mainframes, and private and hybrid clouds. The transaction monitoring tool follows slow transactions right to the problem component, then drills down the server stack to find the true root cause of any performance or availability problem. Common problems include resource depletion by other applications, storage bottlenecks, server configuration errors, and even problems caused by other management tools.

A key component of FactFinder v7 is the TransactionLink tracking technology that can support millions of complex transaction requests per day. With TransactionLink, IT operations can understand the true transaction path for any individual transaction without the burden of intrusive tags, code changes, or network devices. TransactionLink intelligently reads the unique characteristics of each transaction -- similar to reading the transaction’s genetic code -- and uses this to automatically identify and follow each individual transaction across tiers and into the server stacks to solve problems faster.

In addition to TransactionLink, FactFinder v7 delivers automatic identification of bottlenecks, visibility into complex middleware to measure true round-trip response times, and business payload tracking to capture important details within a transaction request. Specific capabilities include:

  • Transaction explorer with automatic bottleneck detection provides views into a specific individual transaction path and shows the exact components and systems it crossed. FactFinder automatically identifies the component or network connection where the most time was spent.

  • Support for complex messaging middleware -- adaptable to any communications protocol, FactFinder traces entire transactions everywhere they go, even across message queuing systems such as MQ Series and TIBCO Rendezvous, hybrid cloud environments, and enterprise architectures including SOA and Web services. FactFinder measures and reports the true round-trip response time of these asynchronous requests.

  • Business transaction payload tracking captures all information within a transaction request including business-relevant information like an IP address or user name, as well as diagnostically useful information such as which SQL statement was sent to a database and what the result code was.

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