ManageEngine’s Applications Manager Monitors Web Sites from User Locations

Site24x7 integration enables monitoring from inside, outside data center.

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ManageEngine now provides Web site monitoring support for Applications Manager, its on-premise application performance monitoring solution. Thanks to deeper integration with Site24x7, the company’s SaaS-based Web infrastructure monitoring service, Applications Manager monitors over 50+ apps and servers out of the box, from within the corporate data center.

In turn, Applications Manager users can monitor their Web sites and other online services from both within their data center and from multiple external locations. They also receive performance reports from different geographical locations as well as a unified alarm console.

Applications Manager monitors servers, databases, and Web servers using an on-premise model of monitoring. Site24x7 is a hosted Web-site monitoring service that monitors customer-facing Web sites and Web applications from multiple geographical locations worldwide. By integrating performance metrics from Site24x7 into Applications Manager, businesses can now make use of a hybrid monitoring model that combines the benefits of both on-premise and hosted models of monitoring. Now, businesses can see the performance of their Web sites from different geographical locations -- closer to their users’ and visitors’ locations -- in addition to the monitoring from their corporate LAN.

The integration between Applications Manager and Site24x7 enables monitoring of applications from both within the corporate data center and from multiple external locations -- exactly how a visitor experiences a site. This hybrid monitoring model provides Applications Manager users with visibility into how their servers are performing within the LAN and other issues affecting Web site performance, such as DNS problems.

There is automatic syncing of the groups of URLs configured in Site24x7 with Applications Manager, which means the configuration data of Site24x7 can be imported to Applications Manager without the need to recreate them in Applications Manager.

Users also get a unified alarm console where the alerts from Site24x7 are synchronized into the Alarms and Operations views in Applications Manager. They can also integrate performance views from Site24x7 into custom dashboards in Applications Manager.

Applications Manager 10.8 is available immediately with prices starting at $795 for up to 25 servers or applications. To take advantage of the new Site24x7-powered feature, users must have an account established in Site24x7. A free, fully functional, 30-day trial version of Applications Manager is available at

Applications Manager users who want to make use of the integrated monitoring approach should purchase Site24x7 separately and specify the Site24x7 account credentials in Applications Manager. A sample Site24x7 pricing for monitoring 10 Web sites is $40 per month for the Professional account.

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