Spectra Logic Expands Enterprise-level Encryption Key Management Portfolio

Spectra TKLM provides centralized encryption key management for multiple libraries.

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Spectra Logic is now shipping a new enterprise-level encryption key management offering for its T-Series tape libraries. Spectra TKLM is a key management solution that meets the highest standard of encryption security, including a FIPS 140-2 level 1 compliant mode. Capable of managing multiple libraries and sites from a central point, Spectra TKLM allows enterprises to consolidate and simplify encryption key management practices, reduce costs and improve overall security.

Spectra TKLM delivers a unified key management strategy to streamline encryption implementation. Key benefits include:

  • Centrally managed encryption keys across multiple libraries and data center locations

  • FIPS-compliant key management to meet regulatory requirements and OASIS (industry standard) compliant

  • Support for TS1140 Technology tape drives, LTO-5, LTO-6, and future TS1100 and LTO generation drives

Spectra TKLM is available for Spectra Logic’s full line of tape libraries and offers an extensive feature set including key per tape, audit tracking, and complete key lifecycle management. It also enables secure, third-party data exchange. More information is available here.

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