Avatier Introduces Compliance Auditor

Certification tool enables anytime, anywhere auditing.

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Avatier Corp., an identity and access risk management solutions provider, has released Compliance Auditor, an access certification tool that enables anytime, anywhere auditing of virtually any system or asset on the network. Featuring a universal mobile touch interface, IT professionals can approve and revoke access, delete accounts, allow exceptions, attach evidence, and send access validation audit messages.

Compliance Auditor features a built-in workflow system that automatically determines application owners or management approvers who need to perform audits. Risk metrics, based on real-time data, provide scores on potential risk factors around access so the most sensitive access rights receive the appropriate mention.

Compliance Auditor's key features include:

  • Access assurance: Automatically determine auditors based on application and resource ownership to ensure the certification process is executed by the appropriate resources

  • Multilevel approval: Business users can request additional validation from others during an access certification; once a reviewer completes an access provisioning project, it can be sent for final review to another team or external auditor

  • Real-time revoke: Actions such as revoke access and delete account are fully integrated with Avatier’s Identity Enforcer entitlement management system

  • Audit redirection: Team members can involve anyone in any audit to help ensure its timely completion

  • New interface: Compliance Auditor offers a universal mobile touch-enabled end-user client interface for performing access certifications; its graphical controls are touch-enabled, making it is easy enough to use without a keyboard

More information is available at www.avatier.com.

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