SolarWinds Releases Free SSH Client for Windows

New, free SSH client for Windows offers multi-session tabbed interface, multiple credentials management, and saved sessions in single console.

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SolarWinds, an IT management software firm, has launched the DameWare SSH Client for Windows, a free tool offered by the DameWare suite of remote support solutions and the latest to join more than 25 free tools from SolarWinds’ comprehensive IT management product family.

The DameWare SSH Client for Windows lets the IT professional remotely access servers and other devices with command-line interfaces (CLI) using Secure Shell (SSH).

With DameWare SSH Client for Windows, IT pros can:

  • View multiple SSH connections in a single open console to manage multiple concurrent sessions

  • Access devices including servers, routers, and switches with CLIs

  • Troubleshoot remote machines

  • Save and manage multiple sets of credentials

  • Use SSH versions one and two and telnet to connect to devices and computers

  • Employ “favorites” saving feature to relaunch commonly used connections

IT pros looking for a more robust remote IT support solution can find extended capabilities in DameWare Remote Support, which provides remote access to Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems for comprehensive troubleshooting and end-user support. Similarly, DameWare Mini Remote Control allows seamless remote control of remote desktops, laptops and servers and even allows “on-the-fly” agent deployment and connection to unattended computers.

DameWare SSH Client for Windows is free. Pricing for DameWare Remote Support starts at $349; pricing for DameWare Mini Remote Control starts at $99. Both include the first year of maintenance. For more information, visit

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