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Forrester Survey: Web & Mobile Investments Drive Revenue and Loyalty

This Technology Adoption Profile survey by Forrester Consulting evaluates the current adoption, trends and challenges associated with hosted eCommerce solutions.

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Managed Security in Financial Services

Download the CenturyLink whitepaper: “Leveraging IT Infrastructure as a Service Enables Agile Responses to Constantly Changing Threats” to learn how you can help your organization protect itself — and its customers — from evolving internal and external threats.

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The Three Pillars of Effective Disaster Recovery

Download the CenturyLink whitepaper: “The Three Pillars of Effective Disaster Recovery: DRaaS + Networking + Managed Hosting.” Learn how each pillar is essential as they combine to form the essential footing of an effective DR solution.

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Enhancing IT Resiliency

Download CenturyLink’s executive brief, “Superstorm-Proof Your IT Infrastructure: How To Achieve 100% Resiliency” to learn more about why a responsive, current and customized IT infrastructure is crucial to maintaining uptime and mitigating disasters.

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Optimizing for Innovation: How Hybrid IT Outsourcing Shifts IT Focus to Innovation

Download the CenturyLink executive brief "Optimizing for Innovation: How Hybrid IT Outsourcing Shifts IT Focus to Innovation" and explore how cost efficiencies can be achieved via the different elements of a Hybrid IT infrastructure outsource approach, allowing IT groups to apply more of the IT budget to innovation.

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How Hybrid Flash Array Helps Businesses Do More With Less

Data integrity and ultra-high performance dictate the success and growth of many companies.

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Achieve Predictable-Consistent Performance with Hybrid Flash

The nature of the financial services industry places a myriad of international compliance requirements on a company's IT team, as well as an expectation by its customers to deliver the high test levels of performance and reliability.

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Tapping the True Value of Data

Is your enterprise’s data treated equal instead of based upon its business value? Concerned over time it takes to get business critical systems live after downtime?

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The Essential VDI Guide

Desktop management at any scale is a tedious job. Imaging, reimaging, and troubleshooting desktop systems consume valuable IT resources, and keep employees from being productive. Securing the information generated on desktops, tablets, and smartphones is no simple job either.

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Integrating and Governing Big Data

While the term 'big data' has only recently come into vogue, IBM has designed solutions capable of handling very large quantities of data for decades. IBM InfoSphere Information Server is designed to help organizations understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data.

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Information Governance in a Big Data World

People, process and technology: Keys to successful information governance. The good news is that many information quality problems are avoidable. Root causes can typically be traced back to a missed communication or overlooked activity. Perhaps an incomplete impact analysis failed to discover the downstream impact of a business process change, sensitive data was ported to a testing environment, or a team member retired and one of the data management tasks they owned was "orphaned" or forgotten.

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The Forrester Wave: Data Governance Tools, Q2 2014

In October 2014, Forrester Consulting worked with IBM on a commissioned study to analyze the total economic impact that IBM’s Information Management solutions have on three specific big data use cases to help its customers solve important business problems.

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Under Cloud Cover: How Leaders are Accelerating Competitive Differentiation

20% of organizations have discovered a secret source of competitive differentiation.It allows them to serve customers in new ways, reimagine their business models, surface valuable insights from their data and tap expertise across the enterprise. The secret: Cloud computing. Read more!

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Champions of Software as a Service: How SaaS is Fueling Powerful Competitive Advantage

Reducing costs is still a primary reason companies turn to Software as a Service (SaaS). But those at the front of the pack, like cloud leaders in general, are discovering how SaaS can help them achieve a much broader and more strategic goal—unlocking competitive advantage. Read more!

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Success In The Cloud: Why Workload Matters

By providing a platform to standardize and automate the management of key business applications, cloud has enabled dramatic reductions in IBM’s IT support costs and major improvements in workplace efficiency and resource use. Read this paper to learn how cloud computing has altered the IT landscape at IBM, winning over early adopters with improved productivity and performance, and far exceeding initial expectations for usage.

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Creating a Cloud Computing Strategy

This white paper walks you through considerations for establishing a proactive, effective approach to cloud computing that is tailored to your organization - including re-evaluating how cloud computing can transform your business and utilizing cloud to gain strategic advantage.

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Simplifying Cloud Management and Data Center Automation

This white paper explores the value of standardizing and automating cloud services with a flexible platform, such as IBM Cloud Orchestrator. Learn how to orchestrate the development, deployment and management of cloud services - helping to reduce IT costs and accelerate service delivery. Learn more now!

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Info-Tech Vendor Landscape: Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

In this analyst report, Info-Tech detail out how the vendor landscape and how to reduce risks to critical systems and data with IDPS-enabled visibility and responsiveness. IBM can be found in the champion zone of the landscape. Read now!

IDC Brief: Cloud Computing in the Midmarket:

Read this analyst brief from IDC to learn about public, private and hybrid cloud models and how your organization can take advantage of them. The paper also looks at how you can integrate cloud solutions into existing IT and offers some principles for measuring the success of your cloud solutions.

The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Strategies of Online Collaboration Software Vendors

Businesses have a wide range of choices for online collaboration vendors. Forrester performed a 38-point evaluation of eight prominent collaboration service providers in categories such as global footprint, mobile support, service-level agreements and more, to see how each performed. Read this paper to learn the results and gain valuable insight into prospective providers of online collaboration services.

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20% of organizations have discovered a secret source of competitive differentiation.It allows them to serve customers in new ways, reimagine their business models, surface valuable insights from their data and tap expertise across the enterprise. The secret: Cloud computing

The Hybrid Cloud Helps Companies Compete

This e-book is based on insights and recommendations by the Ventana Research, benchmark research report, "Business Technology Insights: Six Key Trends in Optimizing IT for Competitive Advantage."

IBM Introduction to Elastic Storage

Elastic Storage is designed to help organizations tackle emerging file storage challenges, continue to keep pace with the latest workloads, and use advanced file encryption and secure erase functionality to make it easier to meet strict data compliance standards. Learn more.

IDC: Real Time Compression Advances Storage Optimization

It should come as no surprise that storage budgets are constantly under pressure from opposing forces: On one hand, economic forces are pushing budgets to either stay flat or, in many cases, shrink as a percentage of a company's revenue. On the other hand, the infrastructure struggles to keep up with the pace of data growth, pressured by many variables, both social and economic. Learn more.

Boost Business Agility and Insight with Flash Storage for Analytics

Applications, servers and IT resources are all waiting for the same thing—data. But data access depends on the response of storage. Now with IBM FlashSystem storage, you can eliminate wait times and accelerate critical applications for faster decision making.

Flash Storage eBook: How to Improve Data Center Economics

In business timing is everything, especially for business-critical applications. Delays in delivering critical data and processing can significantly increase business and financial risks. IBM’s new eBook FlashAhead discusses these challenges and offers up the all-flash storage system as a solution.