Business Intelligence

Oracle Showcases Data Discovery, Commits to Public Cloud

What's new and forthcoming from Oracle? Cindi Howson takes us inside Oracle's annual analyst conference.

Treating Your BI Program Like an Entrepreneurial Startup

Startups know that what customers say they want isn’t necessarily what they want. The same principle is critical to the success of your BI project.

Yellowfin Displays Adaptability

Yellowfin benefits from a few core design decisions -- or "fortuitous mistakes," as CEO Glen Rabie puts it -- that make it a surprisingly adaptable BI platform.

Developing and Branding Your Analytics Communities

How can the principles of branding be applied to BI to help multiple groups in large organizations work collaboratively across departmental boundaries?

SAP Takes the Predictive Analytic Plunge

With SAP Predictive Analysis, the company says it wants to bring predictive analytic capabilities to as many users as possible.

Q&A: Melding Predictive Analytics and Big Data Makes Sense

Predictive analytics and big data "make perfect sense together," says analyst Fern Halper, even as some vendors are struggling to catch up with users.

Tech Talk: DW Databases Scale Out and Up

MPP databases have to scale out and scale up. According to analytic database specialist Calpont, they don't. Most focus on MPP to the detriment of SMP.

BI Experts: Close Encounters with Customers: 3 Steps to Success

Three recommendations for improving customer intelligence and engagement.

5 Myths about Predictive Analytics

Modern predictive analytics tools and solutions are no longer restricted to IT specialists. Don’t let these five myths impede your adoption of this powerful technology.

Q&A: Predictive Analytics Hot and Getting Hotter

The increased interest in predictive analytics points to its power and possibilities, says analyst Fern Halper. Vendors are eagerly jumping on board, and open source is becoming increasingly important.

5 Critical Features of Successful Predictive Analytics Projects

Successful project opportunities share five features so developers can achieve business success.

BI Experts: Real-Time Quality for Real-Time Data

Don't just deliver bad data faster. Improve data in real time.

How to Build a Business Case for Your Master Data/Governance Initiative

Knowing how to get started is key to building a successful project -- and obtaining the funding to get the project off the ground.

Q&A: BI, Mobile, and Collaboration

QlikTech's Donald Farmer discusses how mobile technologies are fundamentally changing BI, sometimes in ways you might not expect.

BI Tech Talk: Behind the Wild Profusion of ESBs

Why are so many data integration players selling enterprise service buses of their own? Is it just a matter of vendor opportunism?

Making BI Analytics Fun

The search for BI insight already has a game-like feel to it. Advocates of "gamification" want to amplify this effect and immerse BI users in their task.

Q&A: Expanding the Definition of Data Governance

Data governance is more than just managing data in order to optimize outcomes.

Three Steps to Successful Data Integration

This three-step approach will help you establish or reenergize your DI development projects.

Q&A: Ensuring Success in Your Enterprise-wide BI Project

There are many traps to rolling out an enterprise-wide BI project. We show you how to avoid those problems.

The Impact of an Effective BI Assessment

How are BI maturity assessments implemented and how can their value be marginalized? We explore the impact and scope of such assessments and what to expect from the process.