Cloud Computing

Google Going After Government Market With Apps Certification

After a year of working on security steps to comply with federal government regulations, Google today launched Google Apps for Government

Keeping Data Close to Home

The more information you have, the more you must worry about where it's stored and if your organization is in compliance with the global potpourri of industry and government regulations.

Securing Multi-Tenancy and Cloud Computing

How to ensure security is part of the cloud adoption strategy.

Cloud Computing Set to Soar, IDC Predicts

Is it possible that cloud computing might actually be an underhyped technology?

Gartner Dissects Google vs. Microsoft Cloud Battle

Organizations should start experimenting with Web apps from Google, Microsoft, and other software companies

Q&A: The Hybrid, Multi-tenant Cloud

When should enterprises consider public and private clouds, and what should they consider when deploying the technology?

Q&A: Securing Storage in the Cloud

Moving your data to the cloud is not without risk. Here's what you need to know about securing your data.

Q&A: Managing Performance of Cloud-Based Applications and Services

Before you leap into the cloud, look at these challenges and best practices of managing performance of cloud-based services and applications.

Q&A: Infrastructure-as-a-Service

What is infrastructure-as-a-service and how can you maximize its benefits?

The Key to SOA Success: Application Performance Management

Given its widespread adoption, service-oriented architecture is clearly an integral component of cloud computing and software-as-a-service. However, without the management tools to address such issues as application performance, the rapid development and deployment of SOA-based services could fail.

Enterprise Applications in the Cloud: A SaaS Security Perspective

The security challenges and mitigation strategies to help you migrate your enterprise applications to the cloud while ensuring your data’s safety.

Q&A: Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence

SOA and cloud computing are hot topics in IT. Here's what you need to understand about how they're interconnected and how you can take advantage of their benefits.

On to a New Decade

In 2010, vendor marketing campaigns will ramp up with the usual hype.

Q&A: Building a Private Cloud

We examine the benefits and uses of building a private cloud, and explain the implementation best practices.

Clouds in 2010: Will Yours Be Lined With Silver or Filled with Coal Dust?

Will 2010 be the first meaningful stage of cloud computing's rocket ride of growth and enterprise usage?

Five IT Focal Points for 2010

What should IT focus on this year? Some key issues from 2009 remain, but several new areas will need IT's attention.

Trends and Predictions from Big Blue

IBM managers look at key events and company strategy from 2009 and explain what it means for customers in 2010.

Saying Goodbye to a Turbulent 2009

From the Sun/Oracle acquisition to radical changes in the server market, it's been a topsy-turvy year in IT. We take a look at the highlights.

Q&A: The Truth about Private Clouds

Truths and myths about private clouds.

Interop New York: Customers Press Vendors for Private Clouds

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon pitched their respective cloud offerings during the keynote panel session at Interop New York Thursday.