Cloud Computing

6 IT Predictions for 2011 -- And a Resolution for Change

From automation to the cloud, IT leadership to self-awareness, these trends may dominate IT this year. Are you prepared?

The Year Ahead in Cloud Computing

The pressure to create a cloud presence will only become stronger in 2011. What IT needs to know to be prepared.

7 IT Trends to Watch in 2011 and How to Prepare for Them

A look at the top security, storage, and data center trends facing organizations in the New Year.

Network Lessons from 2010 Drive Predictions for 2011

It was a busy year for IT professionals in 2010. What did network administrators learn this year, and how will these lessons affect the top enterprise trends in 2011?

Q&A: IT Automation, Virtualization, and the Cloud

Virtualization and cloud computing present a blind spot: traiditional IT management and automation tools don’t offer the necessary visibility and control. What can IT do?

Cloud: The Year Past, The Year Ahead

During 2010, enterprises were figuring out and defining the cloud; in 2011, they’ll be putting clouds into action. Announces Multi-Platform Enterprise Cloud Database

Billing it as the first database for the cloud, announced, targeted at next-generation enterprise apps.

This Year, The Desktop; Next Year, The Cloud

This year the desktop ruled. Desktops will continue to lead the trends in 2011, but in a direction no one would ever have imagined two years ago.

Google Chrome OS Pilot Launched on Hardware

Google makes three announcements about its consumer Web efforts.

Cloud Trends of 2010 Foreshadow Cloud Computing in 2011

It was a watershed year for cloud computing, but what lies ahead?

Google Apps Government Award Raises Microsoft's Hackles

Microsoft questions the use of overseas data centers in GSA deal.

U.S. Government Agency First To Go Google Cloud

The General Services Administration is moving e-mail and collaboration tools to the cloud, becoming the first federal agency to move e-mail to a cloud-based system agencywide, GSA officials said.

Google Releases Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office in Limited Beta

Google announced Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, a service that will let individuals synchronize and share their documents with Google Docs.

Microsoft Document Outlines Its Cloud Security Infrastructure

Microsoft's new white paper explains the organizational and standards-based underpinnings of its cloud security efforts.

Amazon Adds GPU Instances to Cloud Service

In a move that will allow users to accelerate the performance of its cloud services, Amazon Web Services has launched Cluster GPU Instances.

Q&A: The Next-Generation Data Center

What will the next-generation data center look like, what role will virtualization play, and what key issues must you deal with now to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

Amazon Announces General Availability of CloudFront

Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of its content delivery Web service.

Q&A: How to Choose a SaaS Provider

The benefits and drawbacks of software-as-a-service, plus tips for choosing a SaaS provider.

Application Monitoring in the Clouds

Business-driven processes for measuring and guaranteeing service levels in the cloud will help CIOs successfully transition to this new infrastructure. to Add Storage, Virtualization, Web Hosting Services

Government agencies will soon have access to storage, virtualization, and Web hosting applications via, the General Service Administration's cloud-based storefront, government officials said yesterday.