Cloud Computing

Why Hardware-based WANs Are Obsolete

Hardware solutions are costly and time-consuming. Is it time you moved to a software solution?

10 Reasons Why Architects and Developers Should Care about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing isn’t just about outsourcing IT resources. We explore ten benefits IT architects and developers will realize by moving to the cloud.

Using Distributed Computing to Reduce Downtime, Accelerate IT Recovery

Architecture changes and technologies are emerging that enable IT professionals to provide solid infrastructures, eliminate downtime, and deliver applications with consistently high availability.

Three Considerations for Cloud Adoption in 2011

Why are IT departments turning to cloud computing rather than its alternatives and what makes the technology so compelling?

How to Secure Data in the Cloud and Beyond

Next-generation tokenization has the potential to help businesses protect sensitive data in the cloud in a more efficient and scalable manner than encryption and first-generation tokenization.

Web Data Centers: Big QoS and TCO Opportunities Require Innovation

Realizing the potential benefits for large-scale service deployments presents difficult challenges. We discuss these opportunities and challenges and recommend solutions.

Oracle Releases Cloud File System

Oracle has released software aimed at letting organizations build private clouds by adding elasticity to their applications via a clustered file system.

Networking Processor Requirements in Cloud Computing Environments

Service provisioning using cloud computing poses challenges for the data center. What’s needed is a multi-core, heterogeneous architecture.

HP Steps Up Cloud Lineup

Hewlett-Packard Co. launches portfolio of private cloud services, hardware and software and announces plans to jump into public cloud hosting.

Calculating the True Costs of Cloud Computing

Understanding what you are paying for helps you uncover hidden costs and measure ROI.

6 IT Predictions for 2011 -- And a Resolution for Change

From automation to the cloud, IT leadership to self-awareness, these trends may dominate IT this year. Are you prepared?

2011: The Year of SaaS for IT Management

This is the year when enterprises will evaluate SaaS solutions for cloud-based IT management.

Q&A: Securing Your Mobile Environment

How to improve security for mobile users in light of new, complex technologies such as cloud computing.

7 IT Trends to Watch in 2011 and How to Prepare for Them

A look at the top security, storage, and data center trends facing organizations in the New Year.

The Year Ahead in Cloud Computing

The pressure to create a cloud presence will only become stronger in 2011. What IT needs to know to be prepared.

Network Lessons from 2010 Drive Predictions for 2011

It was a busy year for IT professionals in 2010. What did network administrators learn this year, and how will these lessons affect the top enterprise trends in 2011?

This Year, The Desktop; Next Year, The Cloud

This year the desktop ruled. Desktops will continue to lead the trends in 2011, but in a direction no one would ever have imagined two years ago.

Google Chrome OS Pilot Launched on Hardware

Google makes three announcements about its consumer Web efforts.

Cloud Trends of 2010 Foreshadow Cloud Computing in 2011

It was a watershed year for cloud computing, but what lies ahead? Announces Multi-Platform Enterprise Cloud Database

Billing it as the first database for the cloud, announced, targeted at next-generation enterprise apps.