Intel to Acquire McAfee for $7.68 Billion

Blockbuster deal will let Intel provide hardware-based security.

GPUs: Secret Weapon of Password Crackers

Among the oft-cited weaknesses in using passwords for authentication are that people choose bad, easily guessed passwords, such as "123456" or "password"

Microsoft Offers New SQL Server Migration Tools

Microsoft updated some of its free tools to help users move to Microsoft SQL Server and released a new Oracle MySQL migration tool.

Microsoft Issues New Windows Security Advisories

Microsoft issued even more details about Windows security concerns, even after releasing its August security update on Tuesday

Microsoft Unveils "Premier Mission-Critical" Support Service

Microsoft announced a new mission-critical support option for organizations as part of its Microsoft Services consulting business.

Microsoft Lays Out "Open Cloud" Vision

Microsoft used the occasion of the open source conference last month to advance its vision of an open cloud by breaking it down into four basic principles.

Google and Verizon Push Tiered Broadband Services

Google and Verizon issued a statement on U.S. broadband policy, describing an approach that would permit differentiated services.

Zero-Day Windows Kernel Flaw Linked to Clipboard

As the largest patch in Microsoft's Patch Tuesday history looms, the plot thickens.

CIA, Google Invest in "Future" Web Algorithm

Search giant Google and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency are investing in a company working to track Web-browsing behavior

Office for Mac 2011 Due in Late October

Microsoft discloses retail pricing and release plans for Office for Mac 2011

Is Google Going Agile?

A Google program manager last week announced the company was changing its software development methodologies to speed up stable releases of the Chrome Web browser.

Microsoft Revises Policy on Reporting Security Flaws

Microsoft has adopted a variant of its "responsible disclosure" policy for reporting security flaws in its software, the company announced

Windows XP: Widely Used, Widely Attacked

Exploits using Windows XP as an attack vector will grow this year, according to security experts commenting on Microsoft's "Security Intelligence Report Volume 8"

Google Going After Government Market With Apps Certification

After a year of working on security steps to comply with federal government regulations, Google today launched Google Apps for Government

IBM Announces zEnterprise System

New zEnterprise mainframe and systems architecture lets mainframe, Power, and x86 systems share resources, be managed as single, virtualized system

Group Codifies IT Maintenance Consumer Rights

A council of global IT CIOs, in conjunction with research group Gartner Inc., has released a "code of conduct" for solution vendors on IT maintenance issues.

Dell Technicians Find Malicious Code on Motherboards

Dell is warning many of its customers of potential malware embedded in a set of server motherboards.

Adobe Reader to Get Security Sandbox

As Adobe Systems applications face increasing security threats, Microsoft is stepping up to lend a helping hand.

Task Force Recommends Metric for Measuring Data Center Efficiency

Inconsistent metrics have led to inconsistent results

Windows Zero-Day Advisory Issued on USB Drives

Microsoft issues security advisory about Windows vulnerability associated with shortcut icons on USB drives