At the Crossroads: Reengineering Storage from the Bottom Up

How much is storage compromised by simply adding more of the same?

Building Storage Shouldn’t Be Trick or Treat

Storage purchasing with an eye toward promised "treats" may ignore the "tricks" that follow.

The Real Storage Crisis

A patent infringement case may be just the impetus IT needs to initiate data management projects.

The Elusive Integrated Archive Stack

We can’t expect vendors to solve all our problems. Sometimes we have to do the heavy lifting ourselves.

VMware Meets Storage, Part 2: New Game or Same Old Story?

Do VMware engineers have a clue about storage?

Server Virtualization and Storage: Part I

Is server virtualization the answer to storage worst-case scenarios?

CA XOsoft Delivers Continuity Confidence

There's no such thing as perfect disaster readiness, but you can still make important decisions to protect your data.

Adaptec’s Impressive New Snap Server Line

With the Snap Server 700i series, by contrast, Adaptec has delivered a truly non-disruptive vertical and horizontal scaling approach in the form of "auto provisioning."

Differentiating Storage

Now that SAS/SATA has achieved the status its champions said it would, how do vendors blend the software functions with their gear and provide usable functionality at a reasonable cost?

Why Politics and Storage Don’t Mix

When politics and storage collide, the results are too often unpredictable and unnerving.

Pushbutton Disaster Recovery

Do you know if your disaster recovery processes are up to date?

Thin Is In -- Or Is It?

The downside of thin provisioning at the array level is not being fully articulated by any vendor.

Of Knee-Nippers and Ankle-Biters

It should come as no surprise that new companies have begun to carve out a part of the storage market for themselves.

Signal to Noise in Storage Management

Symantec Veritas CommandCentral is building a strong infrastructure monitoring and management approach that is worth a look.

A Paler Shade of Green Storage

A greater use of the "delete" key may be the greenest data strategy of all.

Storage Security, Part 7: Confusing Encryption with Security

Confusing encryption with data storage security can be dangerous to your storage protection strategy.

Storage Security Part VI: Locking Down the Disk

One company offers a way to secure data when different classes of data have different security requirements.

Storage Security Part V: Disk Encryption

Seagate’s announcement of Momentus drives with DriveTrust technology holds promise for enabling IT to secure data at rest

Storage Security Part IV: Encrypt on the Target

The best place for tape-based data encryption may well be on the media itself, but until key management issues are worked out, the strategy binds you to a particular vendor’s key management system for the foreseeable future. Our storage analyst, Jon Toigo, takes a closer look.

Storage Security in a Box? (Part III in a Series)

Placing storage security in the network is another option for locking down your data