Dimensional Insight Releases DI-Diver 3.0

Dimensional Insight (Burlington, Mass.) has released version 3.0 of DI-Diver, the end user interface for its data warehouse and data mart software.

This version of DI-Diver features time series intelligence capabilities and an enhanced user interface with 3D-style graphics.

DI-Diver's new Time Series Wizard allows the user to compare this year to date and last year to date, this period and last period, rolling totals, and more, using any available date, month, quarter or alternate calendar scheme. DI-Diver also allows the user to group any set of dates for comparison with any other set of dates. Groups may be defined absolutely, or relative to the current date.

DI-Diver now can automatically compute year-to-date vs. last-year-to-date summaries of data along any dimension. Reports are automatically updated to include current YTD figures each time they are rendered. In addition to the new 3D user interface, DI-Diver 3.0 also features Y2K enhancements to make conversion of existing reports easy. It allows the use of different 100-year ranges for each two-digit field and continues to store all dates in a fully Y2K compliant format.

--D. Callaghan

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