Business Knowledge Solution Gets AS/400 Endorsement

Olympic Group (Wood Dale, Ill.), an information solutions provider to the international insurance industry, has announced the release of Version 1.0 of its InsuranceWorks a business knowledge solution for property and casualty insurance carriers.

InsuranceWorks is designed to transform data from disparate systems into knowledge about the insurer’s most important asset, the customer. It also supports knowledge workers at a variety of levels, ranging from CEOs to underwriters to marketing and sales managers.

According to Van Symons, IBM AS/400 worldwide business intelligence executive, "Olympic’s InsuranceWorks solution definitely delivers the benefits of multi-dimensional analysis and reporting, unlocking the gold mine hidden away in the insurer’s data center. From the claims handler to the CEO, the insurance knowledge worker can easily access, slice, dice, and analyze literally years worth of history, experience, trends, and exception."

Among the features InsuranceWorks includes are: an industry-validated insurance data model; Windows desktop applications; a spreadsheet link, which allows Lotus or Excel users to obtain data directly from InsuranceWorks and manipulate live, up-to-date information; a set of reports and inquiries; and data extraction, analysis and reporting by key performance indicators.

--J. Martin

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