Net Print/400 Web-enables AS/400 Reports

By Jim Martin

I/NET, Inc. (Kalamazoo, Mich.) has released Net Print/400, a server-based product that allows AS/400 users to view, download, and print spooled files at workstations over intranets, extranets and the Internet.

“The Net Print/400 software will allow AS/400 users to maximize the information-sharing capabilities offered by the world’s leading business server,” says Stephen J. Markee, president and CEO of I/Net. “With Net Print/400, customers reap endless benefit: quality printing, the ability to identify and retrieve spooled files while maintaining full security by using SSL encryption.”

With Net Print/400, network-connected browsers can print reports over the Internet without requiring the setup that is sometimes necessary when Line Printer Receiver and Line Printer Daemon (LPR/LPD) technologies. It also enables users to convert spooled files to a PC file to be printed later.

I/NET is offering the Net Print/400 system as a server-based product, so Net Print/400 buyers will only pay one price for system-wide use. The Net Print/400 software can be used with any AS/400-based HTTP server.

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