January New Products

BMC Storage Resource Manager

BMC Software Inc.’s RESOLVE Storage Resource Manager (RESOLVE SRM), formerly SpaceView, is the enterprise storage resource management solution that spans both distributed and mainframe environments from a single console, ensuring business continuity. RESOLVE SRM delivers all of the previous features of SpaceView, including capacity, performance, automation and reporting, along with central access to all storage management platforms.

For more information, call (800) 841-2031, or visit www.bmc.com.


UPS from Powerware

The Powerware 9125 is the newest addition to Powerware Corporation’s line of UPSs. The Powerware 9125 is available in power ratings of 700 VA to 2000 VA and provides protection from common power problems facing businesses, including power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, line noise, high-voltage spikes, frequency variations, switching transients and harmonic distortion.

For more information, call (877) PWR-WARE, or visit www.powerware.com.


Instant Image Software

Sun StorEdge Instant Image, a data storage program from Sun Microsystems Inc., allows Sun Enterprise server customers to perform backups, instant data recovery, test and development and data warehouse loading without impacting 24x7 operations. Sun StorEdge Instant Image software enables non-stop availability of enterprise applications, by allowing backups and other business-critical processing activities to be performed at any time without disruption to the online application.

For more information, visit their Web site at www.sun.com.


FastPath’s Mainframe Data Set

FastPath Inc.’s IBMMainframe Source Partitioned Data Set(PDS) backup and recovery software, ReMember, is designed to make mainframe backup and recovery easier. ReMember’s primary uses include backing up members that have changed since previous backup, maintaining complete copies of all previous versions of all members, and allowing easy recovery of any member from previous versions.

For more information, contact FastPath Inc. at (212) 323-8278.


900-Page-Per-Minute Printer

Xerox Corporation introduces its 900-page-per-minute printer that prints PostScript and network data streams at speeds of 206 feet-per-minute. The DocuPrint 900 Plus prints simultaneous duplex and is also designed for pinless and pin-fed stock. The DocuPrint 900 Plus also supports paper as wide as 19.75 inches with a printable area width of 18.2 inches, permitting two-up printing of standard-size pages at 900 pages per minute, and three-up printing of six-inch-wide applications.

For more information call (800) 334-6200, or visit www.xerox.com.


Adobe and Glyphica Team Online

Adobe Systems Inc. and Glyphica Corporation jointly deliver an online document collaboration service, InfoPortal Team Online on the Adobe.com Web site. Team Online allows virtual teams to work collectively through their browsers; the Web subscription service provides access to the features and benefits without IT, platform or geographic barriers.

For more information, visit their Web site at www.adobe.com.


CrossWorlds TelecomProducts

CrossWorlds Software Inc.’s CrossWorlds Telecom product line enables telecommunications service providers to unite mission-critical applications to provide customer service through integrated sales, order provisioning, billing and call center and to help bring products and services to market through tightly connected product catalogs, customer accounts and service orders.

For more information, visit their Web site at www.crossworlds.com.


PACT 12Ghosts 2000

PACT 12Ghosts 2000 from PACT Software is a closely knit bundle of various utilities that accelerate and facilitate the way you work with your computer. The tasks the Ghosts perform vary from automatic backing-up of documents to a shutdown master. In the 2000 version, 12Ghosts has been reduced in size by more than 1 MB, and new features have been added, including file compression.

For more information, visit their Web site at www.12ghosts.com.


GTX Instruments for Fibre Channel

Finisar’s Fibre Channel protocol analyzer supports both 2.125 Gbit/sec. and 1.062 Gbit/sec. data speeds, and the GTX Extended Gigabit Traffic Protocol Analyzer (GTX-A) captures link data and displays it in both Fibre Channel and embedded protocol formats. It also displays link performance metrics and error conditions in real time.

Intended for Fibre Channel product design, test and service, the GTX-P10 single duplex analyzer configuration sells for $49,800, while the GTX-P20 dual duplex channel protocol analyzer sells for $89,800.

For more information, visit their Web site at www.finisar.com.


Axios’ LibertySoft

Axios Products Inc.’s LibertySoft allows users to create documents, such as business invoices, sales and purchase orders, even printed barcode labels, in accordance with the corporate identify design. It processes your print jobs that are generated by production applications, and improves the output data structure and presentation layout. LibertySoft then sends the output to graphically enabled devices or services, such as printers; fax, e-mail and archiving systems; and on-screen viewers.

For more information, call (800) 877-0990, or e-mail at axiosproducts@attglobal.net.

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