IBM and Telleo Build Virtual Neighborhood Online

With IBM supplying the technical power, California-based Telleo Inc. plans to launch one of the Internet's biggest transformation projects by creating thousands of virtual neighborhoods, or "cyberhoods." Connecting local businesses with their communities via the Internet, Telleo will triple the number of Web sites in the world, adding over 100 million Web sites tied to every listed telephone number in the United States.

Telleo's service is offered free to 85 million households, and provides a range of services including free e-mail, localized messaging, local business search and referral, retail promotions, local news, events listings and shopping services. Users log into their local sites at by entering their phone number and a secured password. Instantly, the user is connected to events, listings local weather, local movies, local news and coupons from local merchants in their communities.

The localized portal service has been in trial operation in Portland, Ore. and Minneapolis, Minn. and will be rolled out to other major cities throughout this year.

At the heart of the e-business infrastructure is a $4 million stress-tested network build from IBM UNIX servers and Shark storage subsystems. The Telleo installation combines eight RS/6000 M80 rack-mounted servers and four, two terabyte Sharks using 36 gigabyte 10,000 rpm drives. The Sharks are logically split in concurrent clusters with two M80s attached to each storage server. Oracle's 8i database runs on each of the UNIX servers. At peak performance, the entire system is capable of handling up to 4,000 simultaneous Web page views per second. For back-up, the network uses a six-drive, 72-cartridge LTO tape library.

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