NTs Software Announces Version 2.4 of the ANTs Data Server

Sets new standard of performance for online transaction and analytic applications

BURLINGAME, CA, November 15, 2004 – ANTs software, inc., a developer of high-performance SQL database management systems, today announced availability of Version 2.4 of the ANTs® Data Server, which now enables simultaneous high-performance transaction processing and online analytics. The new version of the ANTs Data Server enables transaction-processing systems, such as trading, reservations, e-commerce, and analytics applications, to handle high user loads and real-time updates while delivering high performance.

“ANTs Data Server Version 2.4 enables a new class of strategic, real-time business applications,” said Boyd Pearce, ANTs president and chief operating officer. “Enterprises increasingly must assure real-time performance for a wide range of business intelligence, compliance, and monitoring needs, and the ANTs Data Server can deliver it.”

The ANTs Data Server is based on a breakthrough, high-performance SQL query execution engine that incorporates innovative, lock-free operations. Version 2.4 supports and maximizes the performance of Intel hyperthreading Pentium chips and enables access to up to 64GB of main memory on 32-bit Linux and Windows platforms. Enhanced JDBC performance and new optimizer routines accelerate complex queries and scanning.

Designed for high-availability applications, the ANTs Data Server includes disaster recovery capabilities such as replication and failover with automatic recovery. Because of the ANTs Data Server’s patented architecture, replication and on-line backup have a minimal effect on performance and enable unmatched recovery speed. Robust disaster recovery capabilities are requirements for compliance with a wide range of regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach Bliley and others.

The ANTs Data Server can be deployed on servers running numerous operating systems including: Linux by Red Hat and Novell/SUSE, Windows by Microsoft Corporation, and Solaris by Sun Microsystems, Inc. High-performance database operations for business intelligence analytics, reporting, online trading and reservations, e-commerce, and transaction processing applications can be deployed on fewer, low-cost servers with dramatically lower license fees and administrative costs.

Version 2.4 of the ANTs Data Server is available at http://www.ants.com, or by calling the company at 650-692-0219 x17.

About ANTs software inc.

ANTs software inc. (OTCBB:ANTS), based in Silicon Valley, California, develops high-performance data management software that delivers unparalleled performance for heavy workload applications. For more information on ANTs software, visit http://www.antssoftware.com. # # #

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