DTM SQL Editor 2 Released

New integrated SQL environment increases productivity of database professionals

November 23, 2004 -- DTM SQL editor is a powerful integrated SQL environment complete with built-in editor, database schema viewer/reporter, and version control systems support. These additions to DTM SQL editor make the program a must-have utility for any SQL user, administrator, or developer.

DTM SQL editor comes in three versions. The Standard edition is designed for individual users who usually work with a small number of SQL scripts and do not use multiple connections to various data sources. The Professional edition is perfect for SQL pros and small working groups that work simultaneously with several data sources and need to keep their project files well organized and in synch. DTM SQL editor is a turn-key solution for corporations that completely automates script editing, schema snapshots/reports/export, and coordinates work of dozens of databases coders, developers, and administrators.

The Schema Snapshot function enables database developers and administrators to quickly understand what the database looked liked when the snapshot was taken, while Schema Report can convert database schema information to any popular document format, including MS Word.

DTM SQL editor comes with a powerful set of tools to edit SQL scripts and build SQL statements, utilizing convenient wizard-like interface. The program also contains a connections manager, a database schema viewer, an option to view execution history, and many handy tools conveniently tied together in a single user interface. The application supports clipboard and data export tools and can export data to plain text, HTML, or XML documents and to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. All results queries can be saved as a set of SQL statements.

Other advantages of DTM SQL editor include one-click access to the file history and the history of the scripts executed, syntax highlighting, multilevel Undo/Redo features, and integrated searching and replacement tools. The program's step-by-step SQL builder (query builder) is the most intuitive and natural way to build complex SQL statements visually without submersing into SQL. The program supports plug-ins and comes with an SDK (software developer kit), which gives database professionals opportunity to significantly increase the range of possible applications for the program.

DTM SQL editor is distributed electronically over the Internet. Free demo version is available for evaluation purposes at www.sqledit.com

DTM soft specializes in developing database processing and reporting utilities. More information about products by DTM soft can be found at http://www.sqledit.com.

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