InfoExpress Extends CyberGatekeeper Network Access Control

Version 3.0 of policy enforcement solution adds 802.1x and remote access support

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., December 6, 2004 -- InfoExpress, a leader in policy and configuration enforcement solutions, today announced the availability of the latest version of its flagship CyberGatekeeper(r) policy-based network access control solution, offering greater flexibility and choice for protecting enterprise networks. Version 3.0 helps enterprises evolve their security postures in response to changing threat environments with support for the 802.1x Extensible Authentication Protocol. With port-based network access control and secure enforcement capabilities for remote devices, CyberGatekeeper 3.0 ensures that end users -- as well as the access systems they are employing -- are safe.

Pervasive, continuous security policy monitoring and validation of actual endpoint devices enables enterprises to improve vigilance against vulnerabilities and infections. Non-compliant systems are immediately removed from the production network and quarantined. With extended enforcement capabilities, CyberGatekeeper 3.0 now provides comprehensive protection for a wide variety of access points, including switches, wireless access points, remote offices, IPsec VPNs, and SSL VPNs.

"Enterprise networks are dynamic environments where endpoints come and go and infrastructure components evolve as new technologies emerge," said Stacey Lum, CEO for InfoExpress. "CyberGatekeeper 3.0 is the latest example of our commitment to delivering the broadest footprint for policy-based networking. By supporting the latest network device interfaces and standards, InfoExpress demonstrates its commitment to providing a flexible, policy-based access solution that protects existing investments and grows with the infrastructure."

CyberGatekeeper 3.0 Policy Manager simplifies access control management with a single administrative interface. Administrators can now base network access decisions on a wide array of end user system configurations, enabling businesses to tailor their desktop and laptop security policies to their unique business environment and security requirements. A single management interface saves time and makes it easier to protect the corporate network from unpatched, infected or otherwise undesirable endpoint systems regardless of infrastructure - remote access, dial-up, VPN, LAN, WLAN, and more.

"As our workforce becomes increasingly mobile and distributed, and with more stringent security audit and compliance requirements, protecting a broad variety of network endpoints has become essential to the security well-being of our enterprise," said Jerry Wintrode, senior network architect at Tripos, a leading provider of discovery chemistry, integrated discovery software products, software consulting services, and discovery research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, and other life sciences industries. "CyberGatekeeper 3.0 gives us the assurance today that endpoints are free from viruses, patched and configured properly, while providing a flexible growth path to protection as our network evolves in the future."

CyberGatekeeper 3.0 can be installed anywhere on a protected network where it can connect to the access points it is managing. It monitors the access points for newly activated ports, and when it sees a new machine come online, CyberGatekeeper 3.0 checks its configuration against the security policy of that port before granting it access to the network.

CyberGatekeeper 3.0 also includes a pass-through mode to enforce access for computers attempting to make remote access connections over VPNs and traditional dial-up access. Implemented as a Layer 2 bridge, this mode supports remote access servers, which send traffic in-line through the CyberGatekeeper server.


CyberGatekeeper 3.0 is available immediately. For additional information, contact, or call 650-623-0260.

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