AdventNet Launches Comprehensive Web Application Testing Software

QEngine WebTest 4.1 supports IE and Mozilla browsers; works under Windows and Linux

Pleasanton, California, December 21, 2004 -- AdventNet, Inc., a leading provider of network applications and database tools, today announced the release of QEngine WebTest, a powerful, yet intuitive tool that facilitates rapid and effective functional testing of Web applications. It is the first test automation tool to support Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers, and works in Windows as well as Linux.

This tool provides an easy-to-learn user interface to completely automate the creation of sophisticated test scripts as well as recording and playback of Web browser events in IE and Mozilla browsers on Windows as well as Linux platforms. It is primarily targeted for QA professionals and Webmasters. QEngine WebTest provides full support for dynamically generated web applications, whether they are based on Java, .NET, PHP or any other middleware foundation.

Free and Professional Editions

QEngine WebTest is available in free and professional editions. The free edition has no feature restrictions but has limited test execution capability; the professional edition allows executing unlimited test cases with technical support from AdventNet.

Key features include:

  • Records user interactions on browser as test scripts

  • "Object-based recording"- recognizes page elements controls symbolically rather than with raw screen coordinates

  • Secure recording on password fields

  • Data-driven test wizard to fetch script data from external source

  • Provision to add GUI, database and file checkpoints

  • Provision to verify database tables, files, page titles and HTML element properties

  • Application map file to view and modify attributes of objects

  • Jython used as scripting language and extended support for "if" and "for" programming constructs

  • Powerful script editor for ease of script readability

  • Support for Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers

  • Keyword-driven test using pre-defined keywords to define actions for a test case

  • Built-in exception handling and reporting capability

  • Detailed reports on failure for ease of analysis

QEngine WebTest can be downloaded from

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