Message Processing Platform Supports IBM eServer® OpenPower™ Servers

Boston, MA - February 15th, 2005 - Message Partners, a leading provider of e-mail security integration software, announces support of the IBM eServer® OpenPower™ servers for the Message Processing Platform (MPP). The MPP allows service providers, enterprises, and SMB customers to build open, scalable e-mail filtering, security, and compliance applications that leverage best-of-breed commercial and open source technology. The MPP combined with OpenPower benefits businesses by combining adaptable e-mail security and the incredible scalability, reliability, and value of the OpenPower platform.

The MPP provides the administrative, end-user, operations, and network layer interfaces of an e-mail security application, independent of the underlying e-mail scanning technology. This reduces the total cost of ownership of an e-mail filtering application and eliminates the reliance on a single vendor for e-mail security services. At the heart of MPP is a directory-enabled policy engine that enables any combination of our embedded security technology, commercial and open source scan engines and compliance tools to be applied on a per-customer or per-user basis. This enables new revenue streams for service providers and allows enterprises to build layered antivirus, antispam and compliance e-mail security architectures. MPP services include antivirus, antispam, content filtering, archival, content-based archival, DoS prevention, standards based e-mail monitoring, and more.

“The success of OpenPower systems from IBM depends on the support of advanced functionality such as that offered by MPP,” said Brian Connors, vice president, Linux on POWER, IBM. “With E-mail filtering becoming a central concern to our clients, we believe the MPP application is an ideally suited for our OpenPower product line and its clients..”

Michael Katz, President of Message Partners continues, “We have done extensive testing at IBM’s testing labs with MPP on OpenPower and we are extremely impressed with the price-to-performance of this platform.” “For our customers, this scalability and reliability translate directly to increased protection from high-volume spam attacks and other security threats – all at a very attractive cost.”

Built on a mainframe-inspired technology and tuned for the Linux® environment, IBM eServer OpenPower systems meet the requirements of clients by delivering the performance, reliability, availability and compute power they expect from larger systems—at affordable price-points. This competitively priced IBM 64-bit IBM POWER5™ processor-based server is designed for a flexible, open Linux architecture to help simplify today's complex IT environments.

About Message Partners

Message Partners, based in New Rochelle, NY, is the provider of MPP, an industry leading e-mail integration platform that enables scalable, flexible, policy-driven e-mail security and compliance applications.

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