CNT Introduces Industry's Fastest, Most Scalable Physical Layer Switch

UltraNet Connectivity System 2900 family of products support up to 4096 ports for fiber and copper networks at speeds up to 2.6 gigabits per second

MINNEAPOLIS, MN., May 5, 2005 - CNT , a global expert in storage networking solutions, today announced the next generation of intelligent, non-blocking physical layer switches, the UltraNet Connectivity System (UCS) 2900. CNT's newest addition to its matrix switch offerings, the UCS 2900 supports a variety of network topologies and facilitates improved network availability and reduced operational costs for customers.

The UCS 2900's management and control system allows customers to remotely monitor, test and instantly reconfigure their physical infrastructure. Its automated "electronic patching" capabilities mean that once equipment is connected, the cables will never need to be manually relocated again.

The UCS 2900 facilitates reduced costs and improved service levels by:

  • Completing data center moves, adds and changes in minutes rather than hours with a click of a mouse

  • Quickly isolating circuit problems and rerouting them to avoid outages or reduce downtime

  • Instantly failing over to stand-by equipment at a remote disaster recovery site, negating the need for on-site staff.

  • Leveraging secure, remote test equipment for ongoing connectivity monitoring and management

The UCS 2900's any-to-any, highly available architecture delivers the industry's most reliable and flexible physical level connectivity management system for today's global enterprise. The UCS 2900 utilizes the three-stage, circuit switch design that has made the 2700/2800 matrix switches the undisputed leader in physical level management of WAN networks, to support the broadest range of copper and fiber optic interface available today. This includes Gigabit Ethernet, FICON, Fibre Channel, ESCON, ATM, SONET as well as legacy networks across LANs, SANs, MANs and WANs. The UCS 2900 can also scale from 32 ports to over 4,096 ports, supporting speeds up to 2.6 Gbps on every port today, and up to 10 Gbps in the future, making it a flexible platform to meet changing business needs.

"By managing the physical components of copper and fiber optic infrastructures, the UltraNet 2900 gives a customer the ability to monitor, test, and reconfigure network connectivity without ever needing to leave their desk. Reconfigurations that once took hours can be done in minutes," said Mark Knittel, Group Vice President of Worldwide Product Operations. "In fact, a CNT customer in the disaster recovery business can now reconfigure a network that used to take an average of 14 hours in about 15 minutes. A significant time savings like that can also greatly reduce operational costs."

"These physical layer switches form the backbone of a customer's infrastructure, and CNT has been at the forefront of creating this technology," said Greg Schulz, Senior Analyst with the Evaluator Group. "With the UCS 2900, CNT has developed a physical layer switch that gives customers connectivity management across the entire enterprise, while also meeting the ever-changing connectivity needs of today's global customer. The UCS 2900 is also perfect compliment to Fibre Channel/FICON switches and directors to enable a scalable, flexible storage and networking infrastructure."

About UltraNet Connectivity System 2900

The UltraNet Connectivity System 2900 delivers the benefits of intelligent matrix switching to new, high-speed networks. Its non-blocking, any-to-any architecture scales from 32 to over 4000 ports at full 2.6 Gbps speeds on each port, making it the industry's most scalable and highest performing physical layer switch available. Its remote management and control system enables the monitoring, testing and rerouting of all enterprise circuits without leaving your chair, dramatically improving network availability and reducing costs.

About CNT

CNT is an expert in today's most cost-effective and reliable storage networking solutions. For over 20 years, businesses around the world have depended on us to improve business efficiency, increase data availability and manage their business-critical information. For more information, visit CNT's Web site at or call 763-268-6000.


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