WysDM Expands Data Protection Management Solutions

Adds deeper intelligence, support for rapid recovery, SLA compliance

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- April 4, 2006 -- WysDM® Software, Inc., a leading provider of innovative data protection management (DPM) solutions, today announced important upgrades to its WysDM for Backups™ and WysDM for Fileservers™ products, bringing deeper intelligence, support for rapid recovery applications and SLA compliance. WysDM offers detailed, custom analysis of the entire data protection environment, providing the most comprehensive insight into past, present and future data protection reliability, performance, and compliance.

With both comprehensive reports and advanced analysis, WysDM for Backups provides a global view that enables users to understand even the largest and most complex backup and recovery environments. WysDM’s DPM solutions use a patent-pending Cross-Domain Correlation™ technology to analyze information collected from all major components of the backup environment, including servers, storage, networks and applications. WysDM’s adaptive architecture, combined with advanced service level reporting and predictive analytics ensure the health and state of critical backup, recovery, and fileserver environments.

WysDM for Backups 3.5

The newest version of WysDM’s flagship product, WysDM for Backups 3.5, adds deeper intelligence, multistage backup support, rapid SLA resolution and management, and support for new technologies. Key additions include:

  • Support for new technologies: WysDM for Backups 3.5 provides support for new backup technologies such as Avamar Axion and virtual tape libraries (VTLs). WysDM for Backups is the only DPM solution that can seamlessly monitor, manage and predict issues that may arise when new technologies such as these are added to a backup environment.

  • Multistage backup support: WysDM for Backups 3.5 provides details of backup operations such as tape vaulting and disk-to-tape destaging to give end-to-end visibility into complex data protection environments.

  • Deeper SLA support: WysDM for Backups 3.5 provides resolution details for failed backups and indicates if these should be included in SLA calculations. This allows users to provide accurate numbers for SLA and chargeback.

WysDM for Fileservers 3.5

WysDM for Fileservers 3.5 enhances support for fileserving environments, adding functionality for emerging features such as iSCSI as well using the Predictive Analysis Engine to ensure optimum configuration and performance. Key additions include:

  • iSCSI support: WysDM for Fileservers 3.5 obtains full iSCSI details from fileservers and associated clients. Information about each configured LUN is available, and end-to-end iSCSI performance is provided through WysDM’s Cross-Domain Correlation functionality.

  • Best practice enforcement: WysDM for Fileservers 3.5 comes with several best-practice analyses that scan new and existing fileservers to highlight configurations and setups that conflict with best practice. This ensures that fileservers remain configured in a way that maintains the highest levels of performance and reliability.

  • Full system configuration: Configuration details for all system files and options ensure complete coverage for change control reporting and analysis.

About WysDM

WysDM is a data protection management (DPM) supplier that offers detailed, custom analysis of the entire data-protection environment, providing the most comprehensive insight into past, present, and future data protection reliability, performance, and compliance. For more information, visit http://www.wysdm.com.


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