Prism Microsystems Updates SIEM Solution EventTracker

Version 7.2 adds StatusTracker, Data Mart, SCAP Benchmark Profile Editor.

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Prism Microsystems, a SIEM solutions provider for the midsize enterprise, has released enhanced capabilities in the latest version of its EventTracker SIEM solution, version 7.2.

Key to the update are three new features.

StatusTracker greatly enhances EventTracker’s ability to monitor networks, system infrastructure, and core IP services. StatusTracker enables the auto discovery of devices, applications, and the underlying systems and services supporting them. This feature provides an “up/down” status of the monitored components based on time thresholds. EventTracker can be set to check the status of these systems anywhere between once a minute to once every 99 minutes.

The feature can be used to determine the “up/down” status of ATM machines in banking applications, for example, or to determine the status of an organization’s Microsoft Exchange server. While the machine itself may be operating, the application may not be functioning properly and may need to be restarted; StatusTracker provides this status through the centralized console or through alerts.

EventTracker’s new Data Mart feature enhances the user’s ability to efficiently conduct in-depth forensic analysis of archived log data. Users can define the criteria for the data they want to analyze (based on such variables as time, systems, users, description, and others), unpack it, and export it to an MS SQL database for analysis.

SCAP Benchmark Profile Editor allows EventTracker users to tailor SCAP benchmarks to the specific needs of their organization.

Additional features in this release include:

  • MSI packaging: Convenient for large distributed infrastructures
  • A new compliance dashboard for at-a-glance status
  • The ability to acknowledge and annotate incidents within EventTracker

EventTracker 7.2 is being submitted for MS Logo Certification for Windows 2008 R2.

For more information about the new EventTracker v7.2, please visit

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