Sepaton Reduces Cost, Complexity of Backing Up Large Databases

DBeXstream deduplicates multi-streamed, multiplexed databases, reduces backup times for large databases; supports Oracle databases.

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SEPATON, Inc., a disk-based data protection solutions provider for large enterprises, today released DeltaStor DBeXstream software for backing up and restoring large databases quickly while reducing capacity needs through byte-differential deduplication. The software is part of the 6.1 release of its enterprise-optimized data protection software that powers its S2100 systems.

“Until now, no technology could effectively deduplicate databases that were backed up through multiple ports in parallel (multistreaming), forcing enterprises to choose between fast backup and efficient capacity reduction,” said Linda Mentzer, vice president of product management and marketing, SEPATON. Mentzer says EMC Data Domain Boost integration with Oracle RMAN attempted to address the challenge of fast backups for Oracle databases but their solution requires the installation of third-party software on the database servers, which introduces complexity and performance issues.

SEPATON’s DeltaStor DBeXstream efficiently deduplicates multi-streamed and multiplexed enterprise database backups for any very large database including Oracle, SQL, and DB2. With it, enterprises get both maximum backup and restore performance and excellent deduplication ratios, cutting the cost of VLDB data protection.

The release also delivers Symantec-certified support for NetBackup OST A.I.R and Accelerator as well as support for Optimized Synthetics and Granular Restore. The 6.1 release includes new hardware-accelerated replication, increased daily system throughput, and transparent space reclamation across all backup applications.

SEPATON S2100 Data Protection V6.1 software is immediately available. S2100 systems start at $115.5K for the S2100-DS3. The solution is available at no charge for customers under maintenance agreements.

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