Linguify.Oracle Automatically Translates Any Language in Oracle ERP Systems

LinguaNext’s multilingual solution reduces language costs for Oracle E-Business Suite customers.

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LinguaNext Inc., an enterprise software language management company, has shipped its Linguify.Oracle multi-language solution that enables Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) users to translate their screens, reports, and files from any language to any language instantaneously.

Translation does not require changes to the underlying Oracle ERP code, language, data, or business logic. Linguify.Oracle can be used in multinational corporations that want to reduce the maintenance, storage, and support costs of their existing multi-language support (MLS) installations and/or provide MLS in local languages for subsidiaries or for companies in countries where the local language is not supported with a national language support (NLS) package.

Implementing local languages in an Oracle ERP system typically requires adding system nodes in those languages. This increases overall costs through additional infrastructure, maintenance, and support. Linguify.Oracle eliminates these costs by separating language from the ERP system itself. Local languages can be overlaid on top of an existing Oracle system, reducing the number of nodes required to support multiple languages, the storage needed, and the support involved to maintain the Oracle EBS infrastructure.

Atul Tulshibagwale, CEO of LinguaNext, notes, “Traditionally, adding languages to an Oracle environment requires additional licensing, a local implementation of the system and database, and a complex integration process. Linguify separates language from the ERP itself and, while running independently, translates the system in real-time. No complex architecture, risky localization project or expensive licensing is required.”

Linguify.Oracle has been deployed by a number of early adopters including some Global 2000 companies in the financial services industry, such as Union Bank, Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank and Bank of Baroda.

Linguify.Oracle enables the full range of Oracle ERP products to be used in any language with local terminology or customizations, and with no change to the underlying application code or database. The Linguify family of products is available for a variety of enterprise software systems including Oracle, SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others. Linguify is installed at the client front-end and translates all screens, reports and files. The result is a reliable and scalable way of delivering multi-language business software applications.

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