Cloud Computing

Three Trends Driving Data Security Strategies in 2012

In 2012, businesses must align data security with customer value.

A Look Back, The Road Ahead for IT

Tight budgets led to look closely at the cloud and encryption solutions. What will grab IT’s attention in 2012?

Trends in Practical Cloud Computing for 2012

As we close out 2011, infrastructure is no longer the bottleneck for IT. Applications are. How will cloud change -- and change IT -- in the year ahead?

Cloud Computing: We’ve Only Just Begun

In 2011, enterprises acknowledged that cloud is in their future. What will 2012 bring to help companies feel more secure in adopting the cloud platform?

The Year Past, The Year Ahead in the Cloud

Key events in cloud computing this year, and three predictions for its growth in 2012.

Cloud Computing in the Real World: Choosing the Right Cloud Model

Our pros and cons list will help you sort out the issues relevant to your situation and select the right cloud model -- public, private, or hybrid -- for your environment.

Random Musings from a CTO: 2011 Trends, 2012 Predictions

A tech-industry veteran looks back over the past year and predicts the big IT trends we can look forward to in 2012.

Q&A: How to Improve Cloud Management

IT administrators have traditionally been managing cloud technology with highly customized, manual scripts. Automation and integration are key to overcoming the inefficiencies of this approach. We explain what you need to know to about avoiding common mistakes in moving to automated, integrated management.

The Elephant in the Clouds

Moving to the clouds doesn’t mean resources must be let go.

Unisys Updates Secure Private Cloud Solution

As part of Unisys’ Hybrid Enterprise strategy, enhancements makes it easier clients to automate, manage mixed cloud and traditional IT environments.

Why the Cloud Needs No Backup

With the cloud, it's backup without the actual backup.

Trust in the Cloud is All About Transparency

Network-based application performance management may be just what service providers need to make the cloud ready for your mission-critical applications.

Cloud Computing in the Real World: 10 Steps to an Enterprise Cloud Strategy that Works the First Time

What can you do to ensure that your cloud computing plan is ready to go and will get the job done? These 10 steps will help.

How to Evaluate a Cloud Provider’s Security Features

An introduction to the security requirements you should expect from a cloud service provider.

Optimizing and Accelerating the Cloud

Does moving to the cloud mean you give up control of your application's performance?

Are Private Clouds More than Just Vapor?

Cloud is a big, fluffy subject. We get a firm handle on the subject by looking at three specific cloud use cases.

Q&A: Cloud Integration in Health-Care Organizations

We examine the special challenges and best practices of integrating cloud technology in the health-care industry.

Cloud Computing Success: 11 Ways to Prevent Analysis Paralysis (Part 4 of 4)

Our final set of recommendations for avoiding analysis paralysis in your cloud computing project.

Cloud Computing in the Real World: 3 Best Practices for Capacity Management

How performance management issues change -- and remain the same -- in the new world of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Success: 11 Ways to Prevent Analysis Paralysis (Part 3 of 4)

Why analysis is an absolute necessity for you to succeed at implementing your cloud computing solution.