Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing in the Real World: 3 Best Practices for Capacity Management

How performance management issues change -- and remain the same -- in the new world of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Success: 11 Ways to Prevent Analysis Paralysis (Part 3 of 4)

Why analysis is an absolute necessity for you to succeed at implementing your cloud computing solution.

Cloud Computing Success: 11 Ways to Prevent Analysis Paralysis (Part 2 of 4)

From becoming a more effective system analyst to understanding the cloud computing stack, we continue our series with advice to help you achieve your goals and avoid the paralysis of analysis in your cloud computing project.

5 Best Practices for Connecting Legacy Apps to the Cloud

How to avoid the most common and costly mistakes businesses make when integrating legacy systems with cloud apps.

Cloud Computing Success: 11 Ways to Prevent Analysis Paralysis (Part 1 of 4)

Why analysis is an absolute necessity for you to succeed at implementing your cloud computing solution.

The Holy Grail of Storage Efficiency, Part 4 -- Rethinking Cloud Storage Management

In both the MSP and the SSP models for storage clouds, it is the management that delivers the value, not the infrastructure.

Understanding the Cloud: A Primer for Prospective Users

Key technologies enabling clouds, the three types of cloud environments, and options for getting to the cloud.

Q&A: Why Government Agencies Are Finally Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing is a popular architecture, and U.S. agencies are finally getting on board.

Q&A: Overcoming Cloud Migration Fears

What’s holding back some enterprises from enjoying the benefits of cloud computing?

IT, Executives Don't See Eye to Eye on Virtualization, Cloud Computing

Business and IT executives aren't always on the same page when it comes to virtualization and cloud computing.

Avoiding Buffet-Style Overindulgence in Your Internal Cloud

Although clouds may never provide a truly carefree lifestyle when it comes to resources, these steps can ensure that they don’t create an expensive operational nightmare.

The Holy Grail of Storage Efficiency, Part 3

The impact and importance of virtualized storage and the cloud.

Extreme Collaboration and the Cloud

Although cloud computing gets all the attention, extreme collaboration, an emerging business model, will ultimately deliver value well beyond current market expectations by enabling faster and better business transformation.

Why Hardware-based WANs Are Obsolete

Hardware solutions are costly and time-consuming. Is it time you moved to a software solution?

10 Reasons Why Architects and Developers Should Care about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing isn’t just about outsourcing IT resources. We explore ten benefits IT architects and developers will realize by moving to the cloud.

Using Distributed Computing to Reduce Downtime, Accelerate IT Recovery

Architecture changes and technologies are emerging that enable IT professionals to provide solid infrastructures, eliminate downtime, and deliver applications with consistently high availability.

Three Considerations for Cloud Adoption in 2011

Why are IT departments turning to cloud computing rather than its alternatives and what makes the technology so compelling?

How to Secure Data in the Cloud and Beyond

Next-generation tokenization has the potential to help businesses protect sensitive data in the cloud in a more efficient and scalable manner than encryption and first-generation tokenization.

Web Data Centers: Big QoS and TCO Opportunities Require Innovation

Realizing the potential benefits for large-scale service deployments presents difficult challenges. We discuss these opportunities and challenges and recommend solutions.

Oracle Releases Cloud File System

Oracle has released software aimed at letting organizations build private clouds by adding elasticity to their applications via a clustered file system.