Rating the Up-and-Coming Offshore Outsourcing Hotspots

Offshore/outsourcing firms in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand might lack the resources of Indian heavyweights such as Tata or WiPro, but they aren't sitting still.

Building a Scalable Ad Network: Lessons Learned

When faced with the building an ad network, traditional systems couldn’t satisfy the requirements. The secret: distributed systems.

IDC Notes Shift from Tactical to Strategic Green IT Planning

A new survey finds that IT organizations are thinking strategically about the implications of "going green."

IBM's zIIP a Boon to Big Iron Data Management

Big Iron data warehousing might be a pipe dream, but on balance IBM's zIIP engine has provided a bonus for data management in mainframe environments.

Data Center's Greener Future Still Far Off

Gartner notes that existing energy monitoring and measurement tools are still too immature to be of use to data center retrofitters.

The Evolution of Network Monitoring Access

Why service providers must take steps to implement a monitoring strategy that continues monitoring legacy network technologies and establishes the path for converged network monitoring.

Modernizing Your Messaging Infrastructure

How to get more from your e-mail system.

Disaster Recovery for Pennies on the Dollar

Symform positions itself as the most clever and affordable take on online disaster recovery to date.

The Rise of Complex Event Processing

Message queuing stalwarts such as IBM and TIBCO bring decades of messaging processing expertise to the table, but some would-be players, including Informatica, come to CEP from what seems like a tangential trajectory.

Q&A: Unified Computing

Improving IT efficiency is a prime driver in these times of tight budgets. Unified Computing can help. We explore what the technology is, what benefits it offers, and where it’s headed.

Q&A: Best Practices for Outsourcing IT Management

We look at the biggest mistakes IT makes (and how to avoid them) when outsourcing critical network and data center infrastructure monitoring and management.

Seven Best Practices for Cloud Computing

If you are a CIO, business analyst, or project manager responsible for getting your enterprise to the cloud, read these tips before diving in.

Chilling Outlook for High-End Servers

Sales of high-end servers have entered a period of protracted decline. It's unclear, however, what this will mean for mainframe market fortunes.

Analysis: Behind Oracle's Acquisition of Virtual Iron

Oracle's move shakes up the virtualization status quo

Three Top Tips for Successful Business Continuity Planning

Building a business continuity plan is an ongoing job, but mature technologies exist that meet the range of key requirements.

Virtualization: Where's the Business Value?

How did IT ever fall for the vendor's business value proposition for server virtualization?

What Downturn? IT Shops Still Spending

Seventy percent of CIOs say they'll spend money on new or expanded IT initiatives this year, including information security, virtualization, and data center efficiency.

Study Highlights SOA "Herd" Mentality

Many shops are pursuing SOA strategies without first identifying the business benefits of doing so.

Seven Ways to Tackle Unexpected Server I/O Costs

Why the solution to I/O sprawl is I/O virtualization.

CA Mainframe Manager Gets Usability, Feature Boost

Mainframe management has come a long way, as the latest fruits of CA's Mainframe 2.0 initiative demonstrate