Business Smarts Trump Book Smarts in Project Management, Gartner Says

Visionary companies will push project and portfolio management from the top down to develop basic management skills at all levels

Is Cloud Computing the Next Disruptive Technology?

We could be on the cusp of another revolution: a c-business paradigm shift, driven by cloud computing.

Global CEOs Endorse Green IT

Gartner looks at an open letter destined for next year’s G-8 summit

Closing the Loop on SLA Shortcomings

By now, IT and its line-of-business customers should have perfected the art of service level management. The opposite is the case, however.

HP Touts NonStop Perfection

If you're in the market for a non-mainframe mainframe replacement, HP might have just what you need….

Outsourcers Turn to Multisourcing to Reduce Risk

Outsourcing megadeals appear to be on the decline; does this mean that outsourcing itself is on the way out?

CA Enhances, Expands Mainframe Management Suite

CA touts a visual spin -- in a 3270 interface -- on ESCON and FICON management.

Enterprise OS Segment Braces for Upheaval

The enterprise OS-scape could experience disruptive shocks during the next five years

HP Touts Blades Ready for Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing

Putting the cart before the horse: does cloud computing sell, and -- if so -- who's buying?

Ensuring Successful Application Performance

If the number of mission-critical business applications is growing, why are employees still suffering from poor application performance?

Mainframe Reseller Market Consolidates

A prominent mainframe reseller gets absorbed by one of its competitors. What does the acquisition mean for its customers?

Analysis: IBM's POWERful New System

The data center impact of the new POWER 575 systems that IBM announced last month could be nothing short of radical

SOA: It's the People, Process, and Orientation

Disputes between rival IT factions can stop an SOA project dead in its tracks

Gartner Warns about Problems in Outsourcing Help Desk

Outsourcing to cut IT costs may be a worthy goal, but not for your help desk, Gartner warns.

Vertica Appliance Puts Data Warehousing in the Cloud

With turnkey deployability and enterprise scalability, officials say Vertica-on-the-Cloud is a quick, painless, and inexpensive way to get into data warehousing

Why Business Rules Matter

'What mainframe shop doesn't have business rules? In an age of draconian compliance and governance, the case for rules is stronger still. You can, however, benefit by implementing a BRMS.

SOLA Promises Rapid SOA-fication for Big-Iron Environments

SOLA purports to be a one-stop shop for mainframe service enablement -- complete with design studio, testing workbench, and registry support

IBM's iDataPlex: Making Web 2.0 Safe for the Data Center

IBM touts its new iDataPlex Web 2.0 servers as nothing less than game-changing

Automation's the Name of the Game

Automation makes all the difference in a data center, which is why BMC, CA, HP, and IBM are spending heavily to get in on the action.

Analysis: Why Big Blue's Power Systems Consolidation Matters

One expert explains why last month's Power systems consolidation is so important.