Industry Heavyweights Partner to Promote Secure Computing Infrastructure

Can the combined will of Microsoft, Cisco, and EMC overcome the ingrained inertia of government bureaucracy?

CA: Back in the Saddle Again

With SEC matters behind it and new management at the helm, CA seems leaner, unencumbered, and ready to compete full-force.

HP, IBM Poised to Lock Horns Over Data Warehousing

Companies are on a collision course in the enterprise data warehouse space

DataDirect Accelerates DB2 for z/OS Performance

New feature lets coders use static SQL for scenarios in which they might otherwise depend on dynamic SQL

Coming to Terms with SOA’s Demands

IT organizations must come to terms with SOA’s much more rigorous planning, testing, and management requirements

Analysis: Behind Software AG’s Acquisition of webMethods

The deal helps position Software AG as an ascendant SOA player in both North America and the EU

SAS Brings BI Back Home to Big Iron

BI giant SAS announced expanded System z support for its Enterprise Intelligence Platform and touted a new sub-capacity pricing option, to boot

CICS Gets Another SOA-Friendly Infusion

IBM officials position CICS 3.2 as the no-brainer hub for an organization’s -- any organization’s -- service-oriented architecture.

BMC Revamps Mid-Market IT Service Management Offering

Targets mid-market customers with ITSM aspirations

zIIP Poised to Go Supernova?

IBM officials are confident zIIP will take off -- once it’s had time to germinate in the minds of customers

Survey: Composite Applications Used to Solve Integration Problems

Composite applications -- containing logic and data from multiple IT sources coupled with Web services standards -- bring higher end-user satisfaction without requiring full SOA implementation, a new research report reveals.

Impressive Growth Ahead for Application Server Market

The application server marketplace isn’t the exclusive playground of J2EE and .NET: CICS is amply represented, market watcher IDC says

SOA Evolution: Top Trends for 2007

While many of these data centers may not perceive they are in the world of SOA, they have more than arrived. These are fully distributed applications that are growing in functionality and sophistication, becoming central to the business and in many cases achieving the rank of "mission-critical."

Enterprise IT: Five Predictions for 2007

The year was something of a mixed bag, milestone-wise. We offer five trends to watch in 2007.

WDS FERRETs Out SNA-to-IP Bottlenecks

Mainframe operators need unobstructed visibility into the performance of their IP networks, too.

Seagull’s BlueZone: Terminal Emulation with an SOA-Friendly Tip

Customers can service-enable terminal-based applications and effectively transform them into full-fledged SOA assets

Case Studies: SOA in an Age of Legacy Integration

It’s a challenge to bring the mainframe into the modern age of service-oriented architecture but there’s a huge payoff once the job is done.

Microsoft Kicks Off Its Countdown to Vista

Vista includes a few amenities to which IT pros should warm, but is it enough to justify deploying it in corporate environments?

DataMirror Tweaks Mainframe CDC Tool for Performance, Reliability

DataMirror last week trumpeted what it describes as “significant” performance improvements in the latest version of its Transformation Server for z/OS

SOA: The Services Are Out There

Successful service-enablement requires a high degree of visibility into an organization’s IT inner workings.