Big Blue’s SOA Blitz

Are the ESB visions touted by IBM, BEA, and others a new spin on an old idea: vendor lock-in?

An Rx for Cost Savings: Keep IT Simple, Study Shows

Companies that reduce the complexity of their IT systems can generate significant savings

Sticking It Out on MVS

In spite of IBM’s best efforts, a lot of customers continue to run mission-critical applications on older MVS mainframes

Eclipse: One IDE to Rule Them All

Some enthusiasts tout Eclipse as an Rx for programming anarchy

Does AON Pit Cisco Against IBM, SAP, and TIBCO?

AON takes Cisco further afield from its roots—and deeper into an EAI segment dominated by IBM, SAP, and TIBCO

Reader Feedback: Management's Web-Services Push Meets IT Resistance

Many IT pros remain skeptical about service-enablement, but—as a growing number are finding out—they don’t have a choice in the matter

IBM’s Data-Integration Strategy Takes Shape

With canned ETL already on tap from Microsoft and Oracle, what—if anything—does IBM have planned for DB2?

SOA: A Reality Check from IT Pros

Up to now, service enablement has largely been the baby of C-level executives and line-of-business managers. Many IT professionals see the promise of the technology, but warn that the reality is several years away.

IBM Completes Ascential Acquisition, Announces Integration Roadmap

Users expecting an infusion of Ascential’s ETL expertise into DB2 may be disappointed

Users Divided Over Oracle Middleware Initiative

Some users are praising the synergies of a combined Oracle, PeopleSoft, and J.D. Edwards stack—but for others, skepticism about Project Fusion is still the order of the day.

IBM Targets Potential Customers with Revamped MQ Release

Big Blue hopes the latest release will entice fence-sitters

Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 to Support Mainframe, Unix Data Access

There's a chance mainframe and Unix administrators will have to deal with the revamped SQL Server whether they want to or not

Q&A: Ascential Acquisition a Boon for Big Blue’s Customers

There’s a good chance many highly specialized capabilities will find their way into DB2, Information Integrator, and other IBM products

ETL Increasingly Used Outside Data Warehouses

ETL isn’t a data warehousing-only play—companies are increasingly tapping it to support database consolidations and migrations, among other tasks

Q&A: CA—Utility Computing Dark Horse

Utility computing isn’t a rip-and-replace proposition, says CA

CICS: The Old Workhorse Keeps on Kicking

Big Blue’s durable workhorse still has plenty of kick left in it. And customers, for that matter, are increasingly willing to deploy it in support of new workloads

Compuware Tool Tackles J2EE Application Performance, Availability Issues

Compuware’s Vantage Analyzer lets customers identify and isolate J2EE performance problems—including troublesome memory leaks

Microsoft: Big Things in Store in 2005

An updated SQL Server ("Yukon") and Visual Studio, plus a new edition of Windows Server 2003 are among the highlights from the software giant

IBM’s Mainframe Data Access Offering Is Moving on Up

Big Blue says its Classic Federation product boasts several advantages over existing mainframe data-access products

SOAs: Too Good to Be True?

The service-oriented architecture vision in practice may not be quite the slam dunk it looks like on paper