The Convergence of Network Behavior Analysis and Network Performance Management

It’s essential that IT understand the impact on network resources and application delivery of any and all anomalies in network behavior. Anomaly detection tools can help.

Why Storage Clouds Are Worth a Closer Look

It's time to take another look at remote storage services.

Evolution of the LAN: Migrating to an Intelligent Switch

To minimize connectivity costs and ensure your investment addresses future business needs, consider an intelligent switch.

HP Announces a Data-Center-in-a-Box Offering of Its Own

HP's POD is innovative and visionary, analysts say. In a world chock full of both innovation and vision, that's saying something.

Is Cloud Computing the Next Disruptive Technology?

We could be on the cusp of another revolution: a c-business paradigm shift, driven by cloud computing.

Closing the Loop on SLA Shortcomings

By now, IT and its line-of-business customers should have perfected the art of service level management. The opposite is the case, however.

Network Visibility: The Key to Risk Management

These three steps can help you establish a "reality-based" risk mitigation plan

CA Enhances, Expands Mainframe Management Suite

CA touts a visual spin -- in a 3270 interface -- on ESCON and FICON management.

Automation's the Name of the Game

Automation makes all the difference in a data center, which is why BMC, CA, HP, and IBM are spending heavily to get in on the action.

Virtualizing Disaster Recovery

Virtualization can be a boon to business continuity and disaster recovery planning -- provided you understand the risks

Careers: IT Hiring Outlook Bright, in Spite of Economic Uncertainty

One fifth of lLarge companies expect to increase IT hiring in Q2

Report Urges IT: It’s Time to Guard against the "Millennial" Threat

New IT consumers are more comfortable with, and knowledgeable about, technology, and that’s a problem

A Nickel's Worth of Disaster

Are you willing to spend a nickel to avoid a data recovery disaster?

CA Reinvigorating its Mainframe Software Line

CA is preparing an innovation infusion for its legacy mainframe software products

Microsoft's Reveals its Virtualization Vision

VMWare might be far out in front, but don't count Microsoft out

How Network Configuration Management Improves Compliance and Productivity

How implementing a network configuration management strategy and solution can help effectively manage compliance-related tasks and all configuration changes

Careers: Downturn? What Economic Downturn?

The hiring outlook for early 2008 looks as solid as ever, with double-digit IT job growth forecast by at least one industry watcher

Analysis: A Closer Look at IBM’s Green IT Initiatives

There’s gold in eco-friendly IT, industry watchers argue, and -- more than meets the eye -- the mainframe has a big Green IT story to tell.

How Blades Are Reinventing the PC Wheel

Are the days of fat client PCs -- Windows, Mac, and Linux -- numbered?

Careers: A Job-Seeker’s Market

It’s the fourth straight quarter of sustained optimism on the hiring front. Thank corporate growth and the increasing use of enterprise wireless devices.