Business Process Success: Advice from an Expert

Organizations do successfully manage people and process changes en route to large scale enterprise transformations. Here’s how.

SNA and the Hot New Network Security Paradigm

No, Systems Network Architecture (SNA) isn’t making a comeback. Instead, Nortel’s Secure Network Access (also SNA) deliverable is the latest take on a hot new network security paradigm

An Rx for Network Authentication Anarchy

A new appliance acts as a meta-broker to the wild profusion of competing network access control schemes

Careers: Study Shows You're Working Harder than Ever

If you think you’ve got a lot more on your plate these days, you’re probably right

IBM Offers New Take on Thin-Client Computing

IBM’s new virtual desktop solution emphasizes a centralized, host-based infrastructure and a lightweight, terminal-esque desktop—and virtualization, too

Taking Control of Data Center Automation

There’s an ugly downside to many of the utility computing technologies on the market today

IBM Revamps Flagship Storage Resource Management Suite

Support for z/OS is still gestating, however, and extending TotalStorage Productivity Center to OS/400 will be difficult, too.

Sticking It Out on MVS

In spite of IBM’s best efforts, a lot of customers continue to run mission-critical applications on older MVS mainframes

Does AON Pit Cisco Against IBM, SAP, and TIBCO?

AON takes Cisco further afield from its roots—and deeper into an EAI segment dominated by IBM, SAP, and TIBCO

Trends: Identity and Access Management Needed on Mainframes, Too

Phantom users and orphaned accounts are widespread in the distributed space, but things are even worse in the mainframe world

Opsware: Taking the Pain Out of Network Management

Opsware brings its automation-centric focus to network management

Cisco’s Aggressive Security Push

A raft of new security enhancements helps bring Cisco to feature parity with other vendors—but the networking giant isn’t yet a security innovator

Network Downtime: The Silent Killer

Network outages cost organizations tens of millions of dollars annually

BMC Cuts False Performance Alerts to Zero

BMC says its new performance-monitoring software can help reduce false alerts—and sleep-shattering beeper pages—by almost 100 percent

Simplify Distributed Networks with Remote Office Optimization

To gain control of data and systems, IT consolidated their environment. A better solution is emerging: optimization tools.

Cisco SAN Switches Qualified for IBM Mainframes

Switches connect mainframe systems via IP-based SANs

Big Iron Pays Big

Annual Salary Survey: IT managers with mainframe and large Unix-based systems skills earn as much as 20 percent more than those in Wintel-based positions.

Remote Possibilities: Enterprisewide Remote Access Solutions Flourish in High-Bandwidth World

Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the value of remote workers and are working to develop more flexible, innovative and cost-effective remote access solutions. Companies are helped in this mission by an explosion of wireless access technologies, with the enterprise WLAN market expect to continue its rapid growth rate. Learn what's happening in the wireless marketplace, and what's around the corner for the industry.