Blockchain-Based Wallet Offered to Mobile App Developers

Blockchain development specialist ArcBlock announced ABT Wallet and an upcoming SDK, designed to let mobile app developers easily use decentralized identity functionality.

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Coinbase, Bitfly Say Reorganizations Detected on Ethereum Classic's Blockchain; ETC Devs Deny Claim

On Jan. 5 Coinbase detected a deep chain reorganization on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain, including a double spend.

AWS Cloud Unveils Blockchain Templates

Blockchain is a complicated, hard-to-define technology with a lot of potential use cases, which are now easier to experiment with on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

World's Largest HDD Aimed at Datacenters Revealed by Western Digital

Western Digital this month unveiled technology with which the company intends to produce the world's first 14TB enterprise-class HDD.

Hitachi Announces Smart Data Center Suite

Hitachi announced a major reorganization last week and a new datacenter management suite.

Flash Storage Arrays and Decreased Cost To Grow Global Datacenter Market

The growing adoption of all-flash storage arrays, a decline in infrastructure prices, and the increasing adoption of unified storage architectures will help the overall datacenter market to grow over the next four years, a new report argues.

Java Runtime for Datacenter-Based ARM Processors Released

A collaboration from Java runtime solutions provider Azul Systems Inc and Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies bringing about new versions of Zulu Embedded and Zulu Enterprise.

Intune Data Warehouse for Mobile Reporting Preview Now Available

This week Microsoft has released the first public preview of its Intune Data Warehouse, a new service for reporting on mobile device and mobile application use.

IBM's Latest Mainframe Includes Constant Encryption Protection

IBM this week unveiled it's latest mainframe IBM Z, which is capable of running more than 12 billion encrypted transactions per day.

Microsoft's Azure Stack Tackles Hybrid Cloud, DevOps and Serverless Computing

It lets enterprises and service providers run their own mirror images of Microsoft's cloud platform in their own datacenters.

Compuware Ties COBOL Unit Testing Tool to DevOps Platforms

Mainframe computing specialist Compuware has hooked its Topaz for Total Test unit testing tool into several DevOps platforms, including the Jenkins source code automation server, the SonarQube continuous code inspection platform and its own ISPW source-code and release-automation solution.

AMD Challenges Intel Datacenter Dominance

Declaring a "new era in the datacenter," AMD introduced a new server processor family last week that offers the first real challenge in years to the market dominance of Intel's Xeon processors.

New AWS Quick Start Simplifies Data Warehouse Deployments

Amazon Web Services has published a new Quick Start for deploying a modern enterprise data warehouse on it cloud platform.

Seeking to Become High-End Leader, Lenovo Revamps Datacenter Portfolio

In a bid to become the high-performance and super-computing systems leader, Lenovo announced a revamp of its entire datacenter portfolio, describing the move as its largest and broadest rollout of new and refreshed hardware.