Adobe Warns of Zero-Day Vulnerability

Attacks on Adobe Reader 9 exploit hole in compression file format.

Confusion Surrounds Windows 8 ARM Support for Desktop Apps

Company mum on rumors on Windows 8 plans.

Microsoft Updates Office 365, Enhances SkyDrive

Over 30 updates to Office 365; SkyDrive gets "app-centric"

Dramatic Changes at Adobe Announced

Financial restructuring, Flash for mobile phase-out, job cuts ahead.

Microsoft Reveals Licensing, Pricing for SQL Server 2012

Company describes its SQL Server 2012 licensing model.

Citrix Enhances Cloud, Desktop Virtualization Portfolio

Company has aggressive plans for replacing traditional PC environments with virtual desktops and bridging enterprise data centers with the cloud.

IBM CEO Successor Named

Big Blue names Virginia Rometty to CEO position beginning January 1, succeeding Sam Palmisano.

A Data Center without Hard Drives: Stanford's RAM Plan

Stanford researchers would like to replace hard drive storage and put everything in computer memory.

MySQL Database Added to Google App Engine Cloud

Free preview of Google Cloud SQL announced; MySQL database Web service added to Google's cloud-based App Engine development stack.

Microsoft Updates SQL Server 2012, Hadoop Plans

Microsoft inches closer to Hadoop; Denali becomes SQL Server 2012.

Survey Finds SharePoint Meets IT, Business Needs

Results surprised even Forrester Research, the survey's creators.

Strange Bedfellows: Microsoft and Samsung in Agreement over Android

Microsoft's agressive strategy leads to cross-licensing agreement.

Amazon Shakes Things Up with Tablet, Browser Announcements

Kindle Fire tablet will sell for just $199.

Microsoft to Introduce Cloud-Based IDs in Windows 8

Enables roaming, single sign-on; saves Windows settings with user account in Microsoft's cloud.

HP Removes CEO Apotheker, Whitman Named Replacement

Earlier reports proved true: HP has changed CEOs yet again.

Is HP Considering Ouster of CEO?

Reports claim Meg Whitman is candidate for replacement.