SQL Server Open Database Connectivity Support Promised by Microsoft

Microsoft to support Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) approach for SQL Server APIs.

Google Releases "Stable" Chrome Frame

Forces Microsoft browsers to use Chrome Web browser technologies.

Microsoft Battles VMware Over Licensing Claims

Disagreement over costs of tapping virtualization infrastructure.

Exchange Server 2010 SP1 RU5 Doesn't Include Fix for Outlook

Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 missing Copy/Move Fix for Outlook.

People and Processes Cause Most Major IT Problems

Hardware and software not the root cause.

Can Upgrading to IE9 Save IT Money?

Tiny sample shows big payback: $3.3 million in 15 months.

Reports: IT Should Accommodate Homemade Apps and BI Tools

Resistence is futile, analyst firm warns.

Yet Another Exchange Service Outage from Microsoft

North American BPOS customers suffered e-mail outages today of up to three hours before service was restored.

Microsoft Accelerating Client Side of SkyDrive

Updated photo viewing, file browsing features use AJAX.

Windows Thin PC Released by Microsoft

Available to volume licensing customers on Software Assurance plan, TechNet and MSDN subscribers, and some partners.

Amazon Trims Cost of Cloud Data Transfers

Company eliminates charge for inbound data transfer across all services in all regions.

Microsoft Office 365 Released Globally

Available in 40 markets.

Microsoft to Adjust Some Windows Azure Pricing

Inbound data transfers will be free during peak hours.

Windows Thin PCs Near Final Release

WinTPC gets RTM status; general availability expected July 1.