Security Messaging

Security Briefs: Risky IM; Pushing All-In-One Security Management Consoles

With IM use increasing 200 percent per year, unmanaged enterprise IM is a growing security risk. Plus, Check Point pushes one-console management for perimeter, internal, Web, and endpoint security.

Bot Networks Hurl More Trojan Code

Bot networks are behind the rise in malicious code aimed at capturing sensitive information. Also, IM attacks decrease during February.

Q&A: Balancing E-Mail Security and Compliance

How quickly can you search and retrieve e-mail and instant messages relevant to a regulatory inquiry or court-ordered discovery process?

IM Security: E-mail’s Poor Cousin

Despite the popularity of instant messaging (IM), many organizations don’t regard the communications channel as an enterprise security risk.

Corporate E-Mail Security: Compliance Swamps IT Staff

IT managers look to better tools, including self-service retrieval for employees

Giving Users Control of E-mail Archiving for Compliance

Automated backups for compliance are essential in regulated industries, yet sometimes users need to make their own sets of compliance-related e-mails. Enter drag-and-drop archiving.

Case Study: Choosing Hosted Enterprise IM

A financial firm faces regulations for monitoring and retaining IM communications.

Case Study: Energy Company Monitors IM

The need to protect its IM users from outside attacks, spam, and regulatory requirements leads Kansas’ largest electric utility to adopt IM monitoring software.

In Brief

CA Antivirus Vulnerabilities; AOL Patches New Netscape; Beware Phishing E-mails Bearing Keylogging Software; New Trojan Encrypts PCs

Q&A: The Future of Service-Oriented Architecture Security

WS-Security, Liberty, and SAML play nice together

Taming Smart Phones

If your phone is so smart, why is it an enterprise security risk?

Lack of Messaging Controls = Regulatory Risk

Mobile phones, lack of policies expose the enterprise

In Brief

Security hiring growth slow but steady; end-users blame ISPs and product vendors for spam

In Brief

Microsoft, Solaris vulnerabilities; top spyware threats; IPS use rising

Best Practices: IM Monitoring

Under pressure from such regulations as HIPAA, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and Sarbanes-Oxley, companies increasingly have to account for their corporate instant messaging policies. Yet many organizations don’t have rules for IM use.

Yankee Group Says Security Outsourcing Set to Explode

Managed security service providers to dominate security market by 2010

VoIP Growth Brings Focus on Security Holes

Use of the Internet for telephone calls brings to the fore how security concerns could now spread to your once-secure communications system.

IT Turns to SMTP-Level E-mail Blocking

New approaches focus on stopping unsolicited e-mail before it's even received

Best Practices: Securing IM Against Attacks

Free instant messaging services are just one of the many security holes facing corporate IT