Security Messaging

Case Study: Secure IM and Workspaces for Project Teams

Nektar Therapeutics security unites teams inside—and outside—the company

Worst Security Problem: Attachments

Security policies and education aren't enough

Case Study: Securing Mail Transactions in Any Form

Encrypting information and keys in hardware

Security Briefs: Encrypted Attachments Carry Threats

Sneaking vulnerabilities into the enterprise through encrypted attachments pose new problems; ISPs will spend $245 million this year to combat problems, in large part because of home users.

Q&A: Single-System Message Management

It's not just a matter of blocking unsolicited e-mail. Today's security professionals need to protect against outbound as well as inbound problems.

Case Study: Meeting Customer Demand for Secure Statements

Rather than navigating a Web site to see their data, customers at New York Life Investment Management Retirement Services enter only a username and password to see statements in an HTML e-mail attachment.


E-mail fraud and vulnerabilities, plus the impact of Microsoft's source code leak

Exploiting IM for Back-End Systems Communications

Proponents say IM can function as XML message brokers between systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional messaging middleware; putting an IM interface on a back-end application can bring big benefits.

Reducing Unsolicited E-Mail: Making Senders Pay

Microsoft's Penny Black solution may impose fees on those sending unsolicited e-mail, while a service from Vanquish adds economic penalties for such messages.

BRIEFS: Network Storage Rules; Anti-Virus Software; Choosing a Mail Filter

Learn Network Storage Security Rules; Free Anti-Virus (For A Year)