Security: Mobile & Wireless

In Brief

Resistance, then acceptance of automated e-mail retention; reports of spam’s decline premature

In Brief

Anti-spyware fallout, CTOs urge online crime taskforce, Microsoft specs IE7, mobile phone virus arrives in U.S.

Unraveling Common VPN Flaws

Chances are your VPN is vulnerable

In Brief

Microsoft, Solaris vulnerabilities; top spyware threats; IPS use rising

Q&A: Can Wireless Networks Be Secured?

Denial is not a legitimate wireless strategy

In Brief

Highly critical IE vulnerability lacks patch; new attacks reanimate mobile AV

Endpoint Security Grows But Interoperability Questions Remain

Increasingly, PCs must prove they're secure before a user can log onto the network

Five Steps to Enforcing Your Endpoint Security

Your security policy has to have teeth. Here's how to enforce your endpoint security policy.

Passing the WLAN Security Buck

Company offers outsourced wireless LAN to overcome security vulnerabilities

Wireless Networks Continue to Bleed Data, Study Reveals

New study says 80 percent of companies have at least some unsecured wireless traffic

Security Briefs: WiFi Attacks, Outlook Vulnerability

DoS attacks possible on 802.11 devices, public access points particularly vulnerable; tricking Outlook 2003 to download and run files

Configuration Management Goes Mobile

New software fixes mobile computers that deviate from corporate standards

Disabling Rogue WLAN Access

Detect, then actively block, unauthorized WLAN users

Businesses Ignore Mobile PDA Threat

When it comes to mobile devices, why do so many companies avoid the security issues?

Case Study: Fielding Service Calls Securely

Securing common, Internet-connected, mobile devices requires a new approach. Schindler Elevator Corp. found one.

Securing Mobile Workers

The wireless debate has moved from demonstrating that wireless is a viable technology to solving the associated management issues. New software and upgrades may hold the answer.