Security: Mobile & Wireless

Security: Batten Down the (IM) Hatches

IM attacks are on the rise, in part because organizations are deploying unified communications platforms without first hardening them against attacks

Report Urges IT: It’s Time to Guard against the "Millennial" Threat

New IT consumers are more comfortable with, and knowledgeable about, technology, and that’s a problem

Web 2.0 Pushes Need for Defensive Application Development

The Web 2.0 paradigm shift is fraught with both promise and danger

Laptop Security: Hackers Attack Encrypted Data on Chips

Sleeping laptops may be the next way hackers steal encrypted information

Why Securing Mobile Devices Keeps CIOs Up at Night

With mobile security, the devil you don’t know can hurt you much more than the devil you think you know

PGP: Encryption Everywhere

PGP Corporation may have the handle on protecting sensitive data everywhere

NAC, Vista, and Your Security Strategy

We sort out the options with the most buzz for 2007—NAC, Vista, and NAP—for enforcing security with devices requesting network resources.

Security Lax with Wireless Routers

Are companies’ current wireless router security practices sufficient? Security policies are too often manually applied, and it shows.

Regulations Spur Adoption of Network Access Control

Regulated companies are increasingly adopting NAC to screen network access, enforce security policies, and block malware outbreaks.

Destroy, Shred, Disintegrate: Guidelines for Securely Decommissioning Storage

Thanks to improved corporate information security practices, attackers are seeking new methods for accessing sensitive corporate information, putting storage media more at risk than ever. We offer several recommendations for destroying data.

Do You Trust Your Storage to Mitigate Mobile-Device Threats?

Increasing numbers of mobile users and poor laptop security management creates a growing risk; a new specification pushes trusted-storage applications

Case Study: Wireless Provider's Remote Access Success

Giving mobile users access to enterprise applications and internal portals via an SSL VPN can be tricky. Midwest Wireless' implementation was exceptionally smooth. What's their secret?

Case Study: Polysius Takes Layered Approach to Endpoint Security

The term “endpoint security” includes new types of technology, which makes sense when Polysius’ manager of IT details the myriad, evolving threats to his corporate network, and the company's defenses.

The Devil Is In the Details

Is it true that the storage world is upside down in the southern hemisphere, too?

In Brief

Microsoft Updates XP WiFi Security, Worm Goes Right-Wing

In Brief

CA Antivirus Vulnerabilities; AOL Patches New Netscape; Beware Phishing E-mails Bearing Keylogging Software; New Trojan Encrypts PCs

Case Study: Continental Secures Remote Access, Trims Costs

Sometimes the drive for better security can also bring cost savings.

In Brief

Executives Decry Cost of SOX, IM Security Still a Concern, and a Mobile Phone Worm Evolves

Taming Smart Phones

If your phone is so smart, why is it an enterprise security risk?

Q&A: Endpoint Security for Unknown Devices

How can IT managers secure endpoints over which they have no control?