Security: Vulnerabilities

ID Thefts, Damage on the Rise

ID fraud spiked last year by almost a quarter, yet the total amount bilked by ID thieves rose only slightly.

Minding the Gap: Security Vendors Look to Plug Holes in Suite Offerings

Security vendors are stepping up their efforts to close the gap between security and operations

Q&A: Protecting Growing Data Volumes

Data protection challenges grow as data volumes grow. We examine the best practices IT can follow to maximize data protection.

Spammers to Target Job-Hunting, Professional Networking in 2009

Security consultancy AppRiver anticipates a new wave of spam and malware attacks focusing on job-hunting and professional networking sites.

Q&A: Security Information and Event Management

Why current security tools aren’t adequate, and what vendors and IT must do now to secure their environment.

The Year in Security and the Fresh Problems Ahead

All things considered, 2008 was a quiet but industrious year on the security front.

Survey Highlights Threats from Disgruntled Employees

Employees who believe they may be fired may steal proprietary information to blackmail management

Why Enterprises Must Respond to WPA Crack

Organizations should either implement a more secure version of WPA or switch to WPA2, the impregnable successor to WPA

IT's Security Dilemma: To Patch or Not to Patch

An out-of-band security fix from Microsoft put administrators in a familiar but tough spot: potentially damned if they patched and damned if they didn't.

Most Enterprises Unprotected Against E-mail Security Risks, Study Finds

Only 10 percent of organizations are actually using effective anti-spam technologies

Q&A: Securing Your Endpoints

Endpoints pose security risks to an enterprise, but identifying those endpoints can be IT's biggest challenge.

Getting the Most from Your UTM

New research from Aberdeen shows how Best-in-Class companies are getting the most out of unified threat management technologies and services.

Vulnerability Management: Assess, Prioritize, Remediate, Repeat

Results of AberdeenGroup research shed light on best practices in vulnerability management

Mitigating the Security Risks of Unified Communications

How to protect yourself from the threats posed by unified communications.

Network Security: How Employees and IT Can Keep Laptops Safe

Your employees may take the corporate laptop on summer holiday and bring back security risks to your network

Experts Advocate Multi-Purpose Approach to Fight Fraud

With the right investigative techniques, experts maintain, fraud-busters can connect the dots, uncover evidence, and combat fraud

Solving Mainframe Entitlement Problems

Strong, effective IT security can be compromised by orphaned accounts and entitlements. We offer strategies to manage these expired accounts and entitlements.

SQL Injection Attacks on the Rise

SQL injection vulnerabilities are easy -- and cheap -- to test for, regardless of whether you're a good guy or a malicious hacker

Six Myths that Delay Endpoint Data Protection

Why saying "it can't happen to us" isn't a solution

XSS Evasion: Hiding in Plain Sight

Is there a holistic solution for ensuring the secure, fast, and reliable delivery of applications?