Security: Vulnerabilities

Virus Activity Drop: Calm Before a Stormy Summer?

What accounts for the near-disappearance of virus activity last month? One explanation: even spammers need to invest time in research and development.

IT Losing the War Against Spam

Spam now accounts for close to 90 percent of all e-mail traffic.

The Security Risks of Enterprise Search

We expose five security risks introduced by enterprise search and explain how you can protect your enterprise from these vulnerabilities.

PDF Payloads Increasingly Pack Malicious Punch

PDF has now supplanted another Adobe technology -- Flash -- as the exploit platform of choice for malicious hackers.

RSA: Report Reveals 7 Cloud Computing "Sins"

Security too often is taken on trust, report says.

MessageLabs Reports (Slightly) Good News for Security Administrators

Is IT winning the battle against spam, or was a recent drop in malware and phishing volumes just a statistical blip in an otherwise upward trend?

A Desktop Operating System Security Report Card

A prominent security firm says that the security features of both Windows 7 and Mac OS aren't quite up to snuff.

Security Tops IT's Concerns, Symantec Study Finds

Global study of security personnel identifies goals, points out risks and staffing issues

Guarding the Information Treasure Chest: Databases and Data Breaches

Protecting the network is no longer enough. IT needs a watchdog to protect databases from external breaches and internal sabotage.

Q&A: Assessing Cybersecurity's Past, Planning for the Future

Where is cybersecurity headed? We look at how regulation, social networking, and popular technologies (such as cloud computing) will impact your enterprise’s security management.

Why IT Asset Management is Critical to Your Network Security

Asset management software can complement your current security tools to provide more complete desktop security.

Security Focus in 2010: Internal Threats, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Devices

CA’s chief security architect discusses the three key areas for security professional’s attention this year.

Security: The Year in Review

Compared to other market segments, the security space was a relative safe harbor in a year of economic turbulence.

Bridging Security Gaps to Prevent Data Breaches

Today’s cybercriminal is especially aggressive about penetrating networks to gain access to valuable data. We explain what steps you must take now to protect your systems.

Malware Attacks the Software Update Process

How performing a software update can hijack your system.

Security: Spam for the Holidays

This year, spammers are more proactive than ever, and that has some security researchers worried.

State of Spam: Dramatic Rise in Volume, Size, and Malware

The prevalence of spam-based malware increased dramatically in September, surging by 900 percent.

UAC Changes and Windows 7 Security

What Microsoft's changes to user account control mean for the enterprise

Outsourcing's Impact on Network Security Still Uncertain

Despite IT pros' concerns about outsourcing's net effect on network security, the true impact is still unclear.

Symantec Ups the Ante with Quorum Technology

Symantec's new Norton-branded offerings use a new technology to plug the gap between whitelists and blacklists.