Storage: Backup & Recovery

Three Principles of Business Continuity

What does it take to successfully build a business continuity plan? It’s not the technology.

Classify and Move: Getting Stored Data in Order

The B-tree is an endangered species … .thank goodness.

What's In Store for Storage 2008

Disaster recovery tends to become a focus during any period of economic uncertainty -- and 2008 will deliver uncertainty in spades if market pundits are correct.

CA XOsoft Delivers Continuity Confidence

There's no such thing as perfect disaster readiness, but you can still make important decisions to protect your data.

Building an Archive Strategy, Part V: The Devil in the Details

What every storage admin must ask: what must we save and where shall we save it?

A Database Archiving Solution Like No Other

Though StorHouse is principally a data warehousing system, its stronger value may be as a database archiving solution.

Hosting E-Mail in a Storage Cluster

The need to build resilient low-cost infrastructure for hosting e-mail archives is growing fast.

Terabyte Drives Have Arrived

In less than 18 months, perpendicular recording has gone mainstream. It is one of those little-noted technology innovations, but one that is extraordinarily important.

Traveler Introduces CPR for Data

What happens when a major technology player seems to disappear?

Optical: A Better Vision for Archiving?

As you consider your archive options, don’t count out optical.

Do Disasters Know A Season?

Disaster recovery was once a one-stop proposition. No more.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Four Key Questions

We examine the approaches for business continuity and disaster recovery and what your data-driven enterprises can do to ensure better business continuity in the event of an outage

FilesX: New Tape Killer?

Disk-to-disk solutions are marketed as tape killers. We found one product that may actually live up to that claim.

ServerGraph to the Rescue

Backups do fail. ServerGraph provides a troubleshooting tool to track down and help you solve problems.

The Truth About Tape Backup

Tape … disk … tape … disk! Round and round we go.

What Security Provisions Do We Really Need?

Proof is in the pudding….but no one seems to be in the kitchen

Storage Insecurity

Bank of America's security lapse could happen to you, too

Happiness, Nothingness, and Long-Term Storage

So-call regulatory compliance solutions are just data movers.