Storage: Backup & Recovery

Q&A: Disaster Recovery Considerations for Large Enterprises

Increasingly complex data center environments put an extra strain on your disaster recovery plans. How should you address performance, capacity, and management requirements and ensure your protection strategies are effective?

Video: Disaster Recovery and CA (Interview)

An inside look at changes in the disaster recovery planning process and CA's goals in developing decision support products.

Storage Report Card: Tape Gets an "A"

Tape continues to deliver reliability, flexibility, and sound support of a multilayer data protection strategy.

Building a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your SaaS Vendors

Here are four steps you need to take to ensure your data is safe and recoverable when you use a software-as-a-service provider.

Five Storage Best Practices You Can Implement Today

These best practices will help you get the maximum return from your storage budget while streamlining the overall performance and reliability of your IT infrastructure.

Three Hidden Costs of Backup

Backup is a necessary evil whose hard costs (including disk, bandwidth, and software) are easy to calculate. Beware these three not-so-obvious costs that can cost IT thousands of dollars.

Storms on the Horizon: Examining Your Continuity Plans

Continuity planning has significant value to offer besides risk reduction; sadly, the benefits are rarely talked about.

Tape: The Zombie Technology

Tape plays a continuing role in meeting the storage challenge.

In the Tape vs. Disk War, Think Tape AND Disk

Here's a simple solution to the disk vs. tape debate: use the technologies together and get the best of both worlds.

Value-Add Software: The Risks for Storage Managers

Storage buyers have been conditioned to look for ever-greater "value." We explain why this behavior is so risky.

Why Data Protection Budgets are in Trouble

Data protection budgets are in trouble because executives are getting the wrong pitch from storage pros.

Going Cheap on Disaster Recovery

De-duplication may seem like a way to go cheap on DR, but it can yield some expensive consequences.

Storage 2008: Promises Delivered And Postponed

Promises comes and go. A few have morphed into something different.

Tape is Key to Containing IT Spending

If you want to economize on storage for the massive amount of data you're accumulating, the choice is clear: tape.

The State of Data Archiving

Green alone isn’'t going to sell archive. Recognition of fundamental data differences must make the case.

Wrappers and Recovery

How prepared are you for a disaster?

Two Near-Disasters Highlight Backup/Recovery Deficiencies

During a regional disaster, a large company will quickly discover that the damage to small firms in the area can dramatically reduce its own recovery

Virtual Servers and Storage: Truth or Dare

How many shops are really using server virtualization?

ISE: Building-Block Storage

Why a new technology -- Intelligent Storage Element -- has our storage analyst raving

Scoop on Spectra Logic's Media Lifecycle Management

Tape issues are the result of personnel errors and processes, not of the technology itself.