Storage: Standards

Happy Green-er New Year

All of the Energy Stars in the world will not keep the lights from going out.

Storage 2008: Flashy Storage

Learning the difference between single layer cell (SLC) and multi layer cell (MLC) Flash memory technologies opens the door to better understanding solid state drives.

Trusted Storage for Enterprise-class Hard Disk Drives, Part 2 of 2

Full-disk encryption specifications developed by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), including key management and self-encrypting drives, can keep data safe.

Trusted Storage for Enterprise-class Hard Disk Drives, Part 1 of 2

Encryption directly on the storage device provides the simplest and most effective means to obtain a trusted storage system.

Innovation 2008, Part 1: Can Ecosystems Trump Stovepipes?

Why the ISE ecosystem is the new face of storage.

Vendors Respond to De-Duplication Concerns (Part 3 of 3)

Vendors offer their opinions on staying out of legal hot water to where to expand the use of de-duplication technologies.

A Tale of Two Architectures

Storage nirvana remains the undiscovered country of the true SAN.

Three Principles of Business Continuity

What does it take to successfully build a business continuity plan? It’s not the technology.

Getting to Green: PG&E Takes Proactive Steps

Is an incentive program the right way to drive increased greenness in storage and server operations?

Building Storage Shouldn’t Be Trick or Treat

Storage purchasing with an eye toward promised "treats" may ignore the "tricks" that follow.

Securing Storage, Part II: Encryption is Only a Start

Storage security needs a more systemic view to succeed.

Getting the Real Data about Your Data

SRM is probably the most important investment that storage managers can make, but it’s riddled with problems.

Storage Standards, Part 3: Users Sound Off

Storage standards don’t top the list of customer needs.

Demystifying Enterprise Tiered Storage, Part 2 of 2

Last week we explained the four key factors in tiered storage. This week we explore how to align your storage strategy with business requirements.

Demystifying Enterprise Tiered Storage (Part 1 of 2)

Views of tiered storage differ wildly because there is no clear, concise, universally accepted definition of the technology. We offer a definition that spells out the four attributes of tiered storage.

Resolved for 2007: No More Lying

The release of CERT information raises a controversy between storage security vendors.

Next-Generation Storage: Low Cost Isn’t Enough

New vendors trumpet products with lower price tags, but if they lock you into a single source, what’s the point?

When Standards Aren’t

Now you see it,now you don't. New products bear a startling resemblance to what you may already have.

Acopia Networks Brings Threads Together

The mirror cracked ... thanks to suspicious information

What's The Future for Storage in Europe?

No, we're not in Kansas, anymore…..but where will European-based IT end up in the years to come?